Lootal mwizi

Liwe liwalo crew mtaambia watu nn?

Mukiitwa low IQ bonobos mutasema ni matusi?[MEDIA=twitter]1156112628982472704[/MEDIA]


You actually believe that ghasia

Show me your friends as the saying goes…obado, waititu and kimwarer crew to name but a few

No one disagrees ruto no mwizi but some stories just seem like propaganda

hahaha I refuse to @Believe_Kinuthia

It’s going to be a Loot-all-cracy.

Wanaume mkinunua mboga lenga moshene ya hao wamama. Outlandish stories are their version of ktalking!

Waititu might speak bad English and that makes stuck-up semi-literate people take him for a fool. He might dress and look like your typical dumb-as-pig-shit Kikuyu.

But I completely refuse to beleive that he could have been so stupid as to go into hiding anywhere, leave alone Ruto’s house, whilst carrying his phone.

This ain’t even juicy…I heard them claim that Rohtish delivered 4B to Dr. Auncle Loot All. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Na hii stori ya Uhunye avoiding Ruto at JKIA because apparently Ruto had tagged along Waititi and the arrest warrant had already been issued?

kinuthia ni mjinga kilo saba

This is absolute hogwash. Guys you forget how long this man has been in gava. I can only imagine what difficult decisions he has had to make along the way to cling on. Gava after gava.
Okii what was I on about:D? I do not see how he can entertain getting roped into Waititi’s maneno at this point in time. He is smarter than that. As for those who strongly spread the message that Uhuru and Waititi do not get on? who did we just see at his dorra’s wedding?
Tunachezwa tuu…now where is our County monies before I start getting v annoyed about the hospital bills for extended families that we are expected to contribute? Where is our money which should have been poured into Kiambu Hospitals? Kiambu is close to Nairobi so equipping our general hospitals makes a lot of sense as it would serve all Kenyans.
Greedy thieving bastardos:mad:

Kairetu kuwa mpore … Gatheca attended the wedding purely cz of the groom and not the bride and by extension her papa Mr. Waitits … [SIZE=1]ni watinda atia[/SIZE]