Looks Like Lakers & Mountaineers Are United Like In The 1950s To Win Against A Common Evil

Kenyatta Snr and Odinga Snr united and formed a government in the 1960s, they liberated Kenya from the evil one until the country was retaken again in 1978 and for a quarter of a century Kenyans wept. The same mistake is about to be repeated, if this thief from the North ascends to the throne mtalia. Everything will be looted and he will make Moi’s disastrous reign look like child’s play.

@God forbid.

Monk give us a break. Raila was a Minister in Moi’s govt and he became a mbirrionea. He was Minister for Energy.

Uhuru was similarly handpicked by the very same Moi and handed the KANU flag. So who liberated what again?

Huku kiambu I’ve never seen an aspirant with Baba on their posters unlike asola
Every poster i see ni UDA

@Old Monk , hata Ababu amekataa hio.

[SIZE=7]Ruto appoints Namwamba to his presidential secretariat[/SIZE]
POLITICS | By Betty Njeru | February 9th 2022
Foreign Affairs CAS Ababu Namwamba.

[Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]
Deputy President William Ruto has appointed Foreign Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Ababu Namwamba as the Head of International Relations in his presidential campaign secretariat.

The DP’s presidential campaigns Director of Communications, Hussein Mohamed, said Namwamba, 46, was tapped for the new role because of his experience in diplomacy.
According to a Wednesday, February 9 statement by Mohamed, Ruto said he was “confident” in Namwamba’s ability to deliver in the new role.
“We have worked closely with Ababu over the past ten years on many fronts, and I have come to value his leadership, experience, focus and empathy. It is because of those qualities that I could not be more grateful to have him in our campaign team,” Ruto is quoted as saying.

“With his considerable diplomatic talents, deep knowledge of the continent, strong network in the global stage and unwavering determination, I am confident in his role within my presidential campaign,” added the deputy president.

Namwamba, who served as Budalang’i Member of Parliament between 2007 and 2017, was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta as Foreign Affairs ministry CAS in January 2018.

He unsuccessfully attempted to defend his seat on Labour Party Ticket in the 2017 polls, losing out to ODM candidate Raphael Wanjala.

Last month, he was quoted by local media claiming he would not be seeking a political seat in this year’s polls.

He has on more than one occasion endorsed the DP’s quest for the presidency, saying his decision was fueled by his [Ruto’s] ideologies and agenda for the country.

He in 2016 quit as the ODM Secretary-General, on grounds that party leader Raila Odinga was no longer capable of convincing voters to support him.

Namwamba holds a Bachelor of Law from the University of Nairobi and a Master of Law in International law from American University Washington College of Law.

This dude is suffocating.

He’s literally breathing CO2 waste to save the planet !!

Azimio ni project ya mama ngina ya kuendeleza looting spree

Stop lying to Luos.

The foolish Jaluo One of the 60s refused to become president when the Queen of England had planned to make him one. He thought that by handing power to Kenyatta, he will be immortalized by our historical books as the greatest gentleman. Then kidogo kidogo akafanyiwa ile kitu bila lube

In 2002, the stupid son repeated the mistake ati Kibaki Tosha. Kidogo kidogo akafanyiwa ile kitu bila lube and he came begging the mighty Kalenjins for help.

Fast forward to 2022 the same stupid son is trusting the same Kenyatta family and some few old oligarchs fuckturds ati watampatia kiti. Atafanyiwa ile kitu bila lube.

On August, the oppressing family of Luo extraction, and the evil Kenyatta family will be thrown into a long pit of history and this country will find true liberation.

Liberation will come soon! Liberation will come soon!

If you cannot see the wisdom behind Mzee Oginga’s altruism then I’m afraid you’re fit to lead a pack of wolves not a multi ethnic country, such an act represents the true spirit of Africa.

Underrating such a bold move does not water down that selfless endeavor, a little respect if you please since his act released a chain of events that led to your current wet dream getting a job.

He was stupid nonetheless to hand over power to ungrateful Kenyatta clan. Anyway, had he become a president, he would have been converted into a communist. CIA would have sponsored a coup and appointed a Kikuyu or Kalenjin as president. A series of countercoups, wars and some genocides would have taken place along the way and we would be having not less than 10 presidents like Nigeria.

Here we have the opportunity to do away with post independence opportunists. Once and for all. We will not waste the opportunity.
Raila cannot lead anyone. He is enticed with promises and is easily manipulated. Someone like that cannot lead anyone to any good place.

Punctuation… it’s the little details.

Fake history

:D:D:D anajinyambia tu kwa mapua zile maugali alikula jana. Ma co2 na biogas.

Niliskia inaitwa dad breath. Future humans will laugh at us.



And to make matters worse, he spent KES. 40k per mask!!![ATTACH=full]416995[/ATTACH]



Who is this @God talker nimwombe nijenge manshen Lavington this year!

Ata Nyanza mzima utapata to Baba on posters and never see Ruto’s face. So what’s your point??

My point is Baba’s only hope is rigging