Looks like ex bfs are a woman's worst enemy

Can’t stand to see you thrive. Ladies think twice before jumping into relationships, men do not take things as lightly as we do and even worse is staying friends with your exes. This girl was friends with her exe and then he killed her. Wanaume ni watu wengine dangerous sana. Bad for your health and bad for your life too especially when you won’t follow the script they want you to follow.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned:Dsi Mimi nili sema :smiley:

Is that why you kill yours?

Looks like hell hath no fury as a boyfriend left. How many women do you hear have killed their exes? It’s like most cases of women getting killed are by their exes. Did you see the story I posted of the exe who killed mom of two by chopping off her head with a Samurai sword? Damn, what kind of fury is that? Decapitating someone? Decapitating chickens give me chills how about a whole human being? You people have a problem. Kama wanawake amekushinda si uwachane nao. Why do you have to do something like this? You don’t even fear going to languish in jail and then you are hers talking about women are emotional. How many women will risk going to jail to get revenge or whatever the heck this is? The worst thing is when this mess affects or even kills the kids. Like ule jamaa wa Kayole alichoma mtoto wa 2 years in the mother’s car. Sasa mtoto amefanya nini? Men are very hard people to understand. All bcz the mom didn’t bring her to see the dad on her birthday the previous day. Like Wtf man?