Looking to buy plain tshirts in bulk.

An opportunity for a villager kunukisha kitunguu hapa. I am looking for someone to supply me with plain tshirts for a reasonable price.
Sizes may differ but all those details will come later. I am guessing anywhere from medium, large to extra large.
Nipewe quotation tafadhali ama contacts za mtu naweza endea.

Checkout at Soko Plus Stalls near Sheikhkarume Road and River Road junction.

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Kama hauchui this berrongs to the biachara section ya hii website utachua biachara kweli?

i bet you want to print RESIST on them . welcome to the fold brother


Nitauzia watu wa NASA ama ni NRM. Mimi nina haja na pesa tu hiyo ingine ni ujinga.:D:D:D


Would you happen to know how much they sell them at.

Baaaaaassssss. Hapo


From the beginning of your post it seems you wanted a talker to benefit from this deal… But you have diverted to a place to what we may never know if ni talker or not.

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He could also have put it in the business section where it would have drawn interest from entrepreneurial talkers. That’s why I questioned his intentions.

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Are you fucking serious? Swali rahisi and you are already bringing conspiracy theories hapa. If you don’t have them or you cannot recommend just leave the thread.


Unaweza jua prices zao? I like to know the base price ili nisiende kugongwa huko.

Open bids ama? Nakupa na Ksh 240 each. Minimum order iwe 500 tshirts

My fren, keep your eye on the prize. Let clowns clown.

Stop wasting your time , end a lunga lunga rd , opposite Bank of Africa u will see a big factory nimesahau jina , hapo u will buy at factory prices .

V-necks pia nitapata?

Pitia utapata or better yet place an order of what u want.

naenda personally, Bei ya factory ni 200 ama 800?

Will depend on the quantity u want

5-8 hivi