Hello talkers any photojournalists in the house? looking to present a paper on Terror in Africa Case study on Nairobi, need some pictures for my presentation…they need to be graphic NB Pics will be used for presentation and demonstration purposes as will be highlighted on the Research presentation paper. any help to the right direction Will be highly appreciated

Just googled and landed on this site. Quite graphic


Thanks a bunch man, i owe you one…nimesumbuana na Media house editors for three months because of this. Long live forums now i can submit my paper

remember that law on publishing such pics, they can’t give you hata na dawa

I get you bro, i am going to use it for a research paper, the pics will not be published inside the paper, the pics will be used for demonstration purposes during the presentation only!

Yaani unataka kutishia wasee na hizo ngori images.

hehe hustle babaa

Shait. Kuna muyamaa amepigwa bullet kwa settings

I hope you are not going to use them for propaganda!!!

Research paper bossy!!! Must everything boil down to politics? been looking for this pictures lakini media houses hawawezi kupeab due to confidentiality of those affected and plain old journalistic ethics, these pictures arent easy to source but thanks to Ktalk nimepata

This thing was bad.
Peace to those families.

halafu the name of that forum maze

I watched the youtube clip of the El Alde attack before it was pulled down…Gory is an understatement. #RespectFallenSoldiers

happy to see you this side of the year.

hehehe wewe ulinianika

i was worried you did the deed!

NO WAY!!! scary stories on the internet

:eek:That first pic maze. Death is in the air but those guys top right of the picture are laughing

Am shocked.Looked at even the third old looking guy with a turban.He seems all smile taking stock

Just seen the Halloween poster in the second pic. Shait