Looking for Quality Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Edge screen)

I am disappointed by the quality of glass protectors for my Samsung phone (curve glass) in the market. Every time I buy one, they start cracking within the first month. Usually cost me 1,000. Any leads to quality glass protectors for an S9?

Tumejua uko na S9. Moving on enda pale phone express if at all bado zinakuwaga, bought 1 like a couple of months ago na adi sai bado iko strong.

Try Aliexpress

So pia wewe uko na S9

This is just one of my many phones

Getting quality things in Kenya is becoming a challenge by the day.

Enda downtown pale mathree za no9 huchukuliwa ulizia place inaitwa jumtel sema u want full glass with full glue za s9 utasaidika. Usinunue hizi za umeffi zinauzwa online. 0722466433.
Make sure uwekewe. Sio kutumana ndio uone quality

Nilkin on AliExpress is the best deal.
A friend dropped his S9 in a fast moving car na bado screen iko intact.