Looking for good Mens shoes

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Where in Nairobi can I get classic high quality Mens shoes without breaking the bank ?.

Previous pairs I have bought locally and on ebay have been dissapointing in build quality.

Above are samples of what I have in mind.


Ill be in the UK soon i can buy you a pair.

What’s the going rate there like ?

i usually buy a decent pair for 30-50 quid.

Ill charge 1,000 on top of the buying price if you are interested.


What is your budget for per pair???


Get a few ideas from this documentary, especially from that guy that saved money for almost 2 years to buy a pair of shoes.
I mean, he had an option of buying land for his family, but opted for shoes.

Good looking men’s shoes are expensive

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have a look at Burton.co.uk and topman.co.uk.

Range is 3500 + for a decent pair.

I find it difficult to find quality at that price in Nairobi. Unless you go for used shoes


Is “Akala” in your list? If it is I would recommend you visit Narok.

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Have some Church Shoes they are pretty neat and stylish

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Used shoes anytime…unavaa namba ngapi

Thanks. Let me check.

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Any links to some US stores I can check for comparison ?.

Bata ain’t good enough?

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The build and comfort is wanting.

I do have some batas and China shoes. But I like having one or two quality pairs in my wardrobe.

But below 5 k.

OK.I can get you good quality used shoes…inbox me …

enda gikosh

I get most of my shoes from Bata… Hush puppies