Looking for Genuine black leather loafers

Good afternoon talkers,

The subject above refers. Is there any villager with any of the below pair of shoes size 40?
Biashara ya leo jioni na bei ya jioni.

[ATTACH=full]131835[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]131836[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]131837[/ATTACH]

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size 40 you must be short


Not really

enda olx.co.ke then search timberland loafers. nunua hiyo in tao ama isich ! 6 months and still looking new and strong!

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Ulinunua how much

From olx hii hapa


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that my size.iko ba sana

Amal plaza 3rd floor iko eastleigh. The ones you have posted are fake… Uko utapata pure leather loafers with rubber soles na bei ya mwanainchi!!!


leta condacts za muuzaji. No 42 with rubber sole.

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I don’t have contacts… Jifikishe uko you will find almost every shop has them.

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Wewe ni mbilikimo.

Bought mine in amal mall for 2200, very nice and pure leather