Looking for a wife

Hii ndio akili unapanga kuingia nayo kwa ndoa? Na ati uko 26?

Wimen don’t understand and neither do they care. And as a man either you’ve got it or not. At least be a work in progress.

I weep for you.

Reminds me of this.


Would you be able to deal with such in the first place?

Coz if you’re not trolling, that’s the pit I forsee you jumping into.

Mingle with lots of women (especially those that are married) to know what kind of creatures they really are. I’m pretty sure by then that urge of wifing up will have abated.

Just work on yourself and don’t settle for old retired whore just because you have poor social skills. Try being around people and stop hiding inside your room when you are free. Start by just greeting your neighbors and sometimes inviting them inside your house and hang out with them. The more you interact with strangers the more your confidence will build up with time. But don’t sell yourself short just because you lack confidence. Marriage is not a joke. Make sure you choose the right partner and don’t let your inabilities make you settle for less

Tuma pesa nikuletee bibi muzuri kutoka Burundi, humble, faithful na atakutunza vizuri! Wa Nairobi Will character develop you proper Hadi upone hiyo disorder uko nayo

I am amazed by how helpful people here are. Not all though. Some of you are

Yeah I think going out is a good first step.

Run Muribe run! Stay Taliban

@Weyn is willing to get married. He has a brand new silicone high suction ikus . Problem is sijui Kama ako na ovaries .
@Weyn as they drilled a pussy into your balls did they scoop the testis and filled it with a cow ovaries? Shenzi

address your issues first before thinking marriage.

want you need is to get laid n learn some social skills,


wacha porn basi