Looking for a wife

I am painfully shy and awkward infront of people. I think I have mild autism or some other disorder. But am an intelligent and functional person who is independent and responsible. I need someone like me who can understand me. If you are there or you know anyone from your area or family please help.

enda lipa 150 alafu rudi after PNC imekupiga… utajua uko serious if it persists… heneway, plantenshen ni ngumu

Hakuna autism. Ni miaka hauna.

Chagua Kwa hawa
Pharmacy: A thin ladyboy who eats ugali with balozi and can fit a mango seed in the anus
Kush: A fat shemale who is currently the wife of a rich Arab man. He occasionally comes to Kenya for mind blowing sex
Panyaste: A midget ladyboy with a borehole mkia

@Tauren utafungua accounts ngapi

Tafuta pesa na ujenge confidence and sense of humour. In the meantime endelea kunyonga monkey

Miaka aje sasa

Pesa iko confidence ndio noma. And am good-looking. Madame wanaingianga box instant but after a few they are gone

Stop self-diagnosing and seek professional help with such issues. Pengine ni coomer hujapewa vizuri for long na unadhani wewe ni mgonjwa.

After What persists?

your intention to domesticate

Angalia wangapi hapa na ya 150 ujue ni mgani utaepuka.Kunguru inasema yeye sio malayee na anauliza what is there for me!


Ama ingia SJ after mwezi moja unaacha tuuwoga twa upuzi

uko miaka ngapi?

unless you’re trolling sioni vile msee atakosa dem whether one is broke or rich,a useless drunk in mt kenya or a teeto,single or married…

call that number and thank me in December…0727385322


You don’t know what you’re wishing for.

Wacha nikuitie @Karoga


Whose number is it