looking for a house-35-45k

Baseless advice. Practically all suburban neighbourhoods South, West and North of Nairobi were once shiny-eye sweet potato plots.


Ruaka is getting more expensive by the day, as is Thindigua. Luckily, growth is continious an new units are available if you go farther, i.e. towards Ndenderu, Muchatha, Kirigiti, etc.


I don’t fit in the category of Kijana. But do a spot check on Latema street in at anytime and people are boarding vehicle 24/7, that doesn’t happen in insecure places.

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Tafuta nyumba kasarani.forget about Rwaka , Banana, Ndenderu ,Uthiru etcetera

Tumejua house allowance ni 35k we can now close this thread

my mistake fellow mbirionare but truth be told ruaka is
1.not the safest place to live considering past and recent experiences with shinny eyes
2.too expensive for no apparent reason.i can get a better house in kiambu road /kabete for the same price
3.a place where mpesa shops close shop at 7pm speaks volumes

either way chaguo ni lake


Kuja #Roysambu

too crowded
small houses
no parking
idlers will steal from you ukiwa job

I am sure you can get a decent house with parking after westlands ukiendelea…with that budget, I would search in those areas and make sure that my car is an SUV, otherwise kukinyesha hiyo barabara hukaa mto.

enda mathare north iyo pesa ingine usave

hiyo place watu huibiwa sana


Scarcity mentality!!!

Unaniharibia biashara tenants may run away from the rental units, but we worked with the police as residents, regular patrol and snitching on known thugs has worked well, the guy operating mpesa stall in my building closes at 8pm and that due to the peri-urban nature of the place.


i have already suggested the places i want a house.i just need need contacts so far talked to goshen and the houses in ruaka are quiet expensive.i went to see a three bedroom that was 70k!its spacious but that price is not reasonable,i proceeded to fourways junction kiambu rd,well lit estate with luxurious apartments and well tended gardens.a penthouse for a two bedroom was going for a whole 55k!thats a no go zone too.they claims its the market price for the area.

Runda view apartments in ruaka.nice place to live. 2 bedroom 35k but you have to buy then lease.so you can only get a house once there is client to purchase the house…cough 9million for the two bedroom then lease 35k. my maths fails me there.i.e if i was to buy a house in an apartment for that much

Any contacts will be appreciated you can inbox

Haoni ali edit post?

Afande alisomea shule moja na Kibui wa mobesa (mombasa)

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Sijawahi fika mombatha.

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