Looking for a Clean and Affordable Hotel, along Kenyatta Avenue

Good morning everyone? Will be attending a 2 weeks seminar hosted at Caxton house kenyatta avenue.

Any leads on a clean and affordable hotel/ guest house?

Thanks in advance

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii saidia huyu nvchieth

The Stanley should suffice

Serena Hotel even!

Serena na Stanley for two weeks si za mtu anauliza ‘affordable’.
I believe there are cheaper and clean hotels

680, senji

Sarova Stanley is clean, but affordability I believe is out of reach especially for someone asking such leads on ktalk, I stand to be corrected if OP can produce his bank statement

Hii ktalk iko na millionaire imposter wengi sana

Are your their CPA? If not then stop that assumption, have you seen how peasant Azor Ahai throws the word m(b)illon carelessly?