Looking Directly At The Rain Drops

The gloomy weather is welcomed. For some weird reason it triggers all sorts of nostalgic feeling, and that’s okay. One in particular, is me trying to peep through the bleak white curtains towards the light showers outside. In front of me, my good pal, hustling through his last breaths(? spelling siko sure) to crack up some dry humor. I tried to laugh, ndio asikie poa pia but my lungs won’t cough up any meaningful hahas. The forced smile died down as he whispered, “sitaki kuenda maze”. But that was years ago.

Today I came across two stories. Pictures, rather, but they had stories behind them so yeah.

  1. Helpful Prayer.
    Aid from the Padre, 1962.

Navy chaplain Luis Padilla gives last rites to a soldier wounded by sniper fire during a revolt in Venezuela. Braving the streets amid sniper fire, to offer last rites to the dying, the priest encountered a wounded soldier, who pulled himself up by clinging to the priest’s cassock, as bullets chewed up the concrete around them.

Imagine hearing bullets wheezing by but you have to do this, you have to pray for someone who’s well on their way. The bravery in this is truly spectacular.

Behind them, is a butchery. Perharps an imagery on the amount of man-slaughter that took place in Venezuela.
Are you this brave to see someone through their transition?

  1. Little Girl
    Siweki spoiler.
    This was taken, a few hours before this girl died.
    November 13, 1985, a Colombian volcano had erupted adn with it, volcano mudflows and debris flows ruined and covered most of the villages. She survived all this, but was now trapped by a concrete door holding her down. She was in a kneeling position… door on top, her aunt’s body below.
    Rescue workers realised that they would have to tear through her limbs if they were going to save her. Aaaaand even so, they didn’t have the equipment. So they went on to save others first, sometimes they would go back to give her food, encourage her. Through 3 days, she stayed there, sometimes alone, sometimes with the villagers, well-wishers and passer-by’s(like the camera man). Before she passed on, her eyes grew red and her face was swollen, her hands were pale too. She braved all that, but it was soon time.
    Now, would you be strong enough to keep her company during those chilly nights?

Sorry for anyone who’d complain about the spoilers lacking but this life doesn’t have either. Think about it tho.


Life can be a cruel!!

Just to remember what the world is some good people out there when the world toughens you up don’t let it take away your emphaty and toughen your emotions.

things and situations can change you and change u fore ever, cruelty, Love, Empathy, hate, Care, its just the situation and the drive, but man is evil enough and cruel enough hata Saitan akiona aneza ambia msee eish kua mpole

Very deep

When that Building on Ronald Ngala - River Road Junction went down (I think it’s the one that now hosts Maathais Supermarket) there was a man trapped in the debris and kept constant communication with relatives through his dying cell phone… Kenyans were sympathetic with him, I have no idea what happened of him.

Life is fleeting, thanks for the reminder.

True true. And that’s the scary part, people can change irrevocably at any point and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just adapt and wish them well.

I remember Nation TV broadcasting a wide angle of one of the trapped victims tapping on one of the concrete slabs desperately. I got shivers just imagining how normal he had expected his day to turn out to be.

Sure thing.

Its all well and good when you are discussing what happened to others and being all philosophical about it.

Then you find yourself in that situation yaself,when you stare death in the eye and say your last prayers. Only when you say amen,you realise that you are still alive.
Ndo utajua kuwa philosophical about life ni kusema nini.

Those pictures, I felt em.

its an inverted world. Only God can explain why some things happen as do