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Employees and clients at a popular carwash in Nairobi’s Embakasi estate were on Sunday, October 3, held hostage by a gang of 40-men who raided the premises. The gang seized the carwash in Lukache area of Embakasi Central. According to witnesses, members of the gang surrounded the business premises, gained access through the main gate as well as climbing up the perimeter wall.


“I saw young men climbing down the wall chanting, ‘kill them, kill them’,” one witness narrated.

The men were allegedly armed with crude weapons which they used to attack security guards manning the gate. As a result, the guards sustained injuries .

Employees stated that they were cornered by marauding gang members to one spot of the carwash area.
They then proceeded to take some of the machines and other electronics used in the premises.

The gang members then loaded their loot onto a pick up which they had driven into the compound.

In addition, clients who were in a restaurant in the same compound were not spared in the attack as the goons also robbed them of their valuables.

Despite reporting the matter to the police, no one has been arrested.

Security guards blamed that the slow response by the police the adding that if the police had acted fast on their distress call, they would not have incurred much loss.

“All we ask is that the police receive reports, they should respond immediately as they could be saving the lives of others,” one witness said.

Employees in the carwash and the restaurant have since lost their jobs owing to the attack as gates of the business premise remain locked.

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[SIZE=7]Police: Man’s gun goes off during cleaning, strikes woman in next-door apartment[/SIZE]

A man is behind bars after police said his gun went off striking and killing his next-door neighbor.


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A woman based in Nairobi’s informal settlements Dandora has been released after she was wrongfully arrested over her son’s gifted bicycle.
Millicent Atieno, was on Sunday, October 3, released from the Dandora Police Station, after the frantic intervention of human rights activist, Boniface Mwangi. On September 30, 2021, Atieno was arrested for allegedly being in possession of a stolen property.

A photo of the Bicycle owned by Millicent Atieno’s son

“Atieno is free. We presented proof that the bicycle wasn’t stolen,” Mwangi tweeted.

On Friday, October 1, the human rights activist took to social media to lament over the arrest of the woman, stating that he helped Atieno’s son get the bicycle through his photography work in 2020.

Boniface Mwangi

“Last year, I photographed John (not his real name) at Dandora Dumpsite. He was scavenging to buy a bicycle. Kennedy Odede saw the pictures and bought him a bike,” Mwangi lamented.
The activist further detailed that he had to go and seek the official receipt from the store where the bicycle was bought.
“I printed tweets and pictures for the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). Shout out to my boys for spending their morning and a part of the afternoon to help Atieno get released,” Mwangi stated.

Upon her release, Kenyans have taken to social media to commend the actions of the activist, having regularly updated online users on the case.
“Thank you Bonnie for using your platform for noble things that touch the heart,” Ben, a social media user, stated.

However, a section of online users demanded for action to be taken against the officers responsible for the arrest.

“Freeing is not enough, help her press charges,” Zachariah Okodoi stated.