Look at this fool


Look at this betamale simp piece of shiit.
Called me to ask 10k for a pre-wedding ceremony:D:D:D:D:D
Wanaume mafala aisee…sasa wedding ataitisha ngapi?

Blocked …don’t have money to waste.

You a Christian na hujui prewedding ni nini

There is an app to reveal such edits umetumia kuficha your name. Chunga

Tomba matako ya @Jimit apate ya lunch

Name it ?

Hii pesa yote unaiba kwa NGO kila siku malaya na pombe, patia jamaa kakitu banaa. The art of being a good thief, is by spreading the loot around.

For pre-wedding?
Yaani I waste my money on such stupid simping event?
Afadhali niende Kenyatta hospital and clear hospital bills ya strangers

Bingwa educate us please, what is a pre-wedding? Tafasali

It’s not enough that niggas gotta engage in stupid ceremonies that boggles precious resources, they got the nerves to have a ceremony officiating the main ceremony!!!

…hii osungu imenikalia kaka:D

Boss ungetoa kisha ujilipe na hiyo kunguru yake. Tombea yeye bibi. But on the other note. If you cant afford a wedding or prewedding…just dont do it. Not to burden others. Ama mtu afanye kulingana na uwezo wake.

Mbona wakenya hupenda kutumia “the same” kwa sentence.

Even if grammatical correct, probably for spoken English rather than written . Restructure that damn sentence.

I once contributed to a pre-wedding friend only to not get an invitation to the actual wedding dubbed for invited friends only…

Ndiye nikajua sijui… :smiley:

alshabab uza mkundu polepole



Kwanza this guy during campus alikuwa bado Tu simp no.1

I remember very well there was a time ya group work, I had no group nikamshow wacha niingie group Yao akasema imejaa(even after other group members kubali) only to admit three chics baadaye.

Galgalo wa Isiolo sema hauna pesa malaya hii

The first name is eric

It’s an event for raising money for the wedding. Money raised by this message will be declared at the prewedding and other contributions will be raised on that day. It’s essentially a harambee event.

Sasa hii jinga mkristu thinks that kutakuwa na another harambee for the wedding …total upuss