Look at this chimpanzee

Can’t she just turn the camera off and shoot the guy tell the cops it was self defense. This is not something for the police . Women and being too soft. If this was a white man, he’d have been shot the second time he came around.


The neighbourhood patrol is failing her, and it’s not fair. This is easy for the sheriff to deal with, immediately she calls, coz it’s become routine. Next time he could harm her, not just the fence. She could buy a gun, even shoot his ass maybe, but sometimes it’s good to avoid killing someone, so you don’t lose your own peace of mind–inquiries and and all the press attention. Let the cops take him away and lock him up, or shoot him themselves. Huyu baradhuli inaonekana labda ana kisasi na yule mtu alimuuzia huyo mama nyumba, since she doesn’t know him, and he’s obviously provoking the resident to react.

What is she teaching her son? To let people push you around. Is she waiting for him to attack her and her son?

You have to think some things through, acting impulsively could endanger her and her son further. This doesn’t seem like some random provocation from a stranger. There must be a story behind the man’s bizzare behaviour; it’s important to know why he’s acting like a chimp. Let him get arrested and charged with damage to her property, and threatening her safety, and be given an order not to be within a certain radius of her property. That can work in Bidenstan. If that fails, then by all means, next time he shows his face, shoot the idiot to smithereens, sell the house and move to another state.

They know she’s harmless to be doing this. Nobody will try this in a trigger happy country like America. She can call White Extremist group and they will kill him for her. Gladly!!!

She has done the interview now she will shoot him and get sympathy… that’s how it works.

It’s very tempting to come out with a shotgun and spew his guts on the road.
Hii tabia ni madharau mabaya, na ya wazi kabisa. His actions are like saying, Whatchu gonna do, b**h! He probably knows she lives alone with a boy. There’s no man to come out with a baseball bat and break his shins. He needs to be taught a lesson.

Maybe it was his house and they auctioned it.

Could very well be. Pity, to get hounded like that in such a beautiful and seemingly peaceful neighbourhood. But this nonsense won’t end well for him. We’ll probably get to hear developments to the story.