Look at sheer incompetence can do.

Kenya economy has been ruined by poor leadership brought by incompetence and indesiveness.if uhuru thinks by militarising everything he leave a good legacy he is basically daft.
If he can’t manage his party affair, what of the country.
I regret the action of voting this rich kid in 2017 however raila will never ever be president.
Jakom should merge his fading orange party to the murathe party.

What if you were Uhuru? What could you have done different?

Put competent people who worship the law like maraca, ouko in government institutions
Secondly avoid world Bank or China loans and go for African loans.
Stop white elephants project like express way and SGR.
Finally check in a rehab and starts checking my health.

.sasa juu Baba ako hand cheque unauliza maswali za kijinga namna hii?

Huko kamiti mbona hukuwa unauliza maswali ukidimbuliwa mkia

Woi port yetu ina enda hivyo !

Compared to global leaders ohuru is a joke but compared to his predecessors and regional leaders he is putting in a stellar performance.

Typical peasant bonobo.

U voted Uhuru to send raila to Bondo despite messing up the economy

U are mad,not because of his incompetence,but coz he’s working with the man we’re trained to hate.

Vote sugoi thief then tell us in 2032 how incompetent he was

Most importantly, recognize anyone who played a role for you to be elected thrice irrespective of your diverse opinions.

Tell them, it is that simple n straight.
Problem with dynasties hawapendi straight things.

Don’t tell us your failures with your president and deputy president, we never voted during the Tano tena elections, because we knew Ohuru and Ruto were going to fuck this country before leaving it to a caretaker president who is yet to come.