@LongerTime njoo kiasi

Yall can’t barely feed y’all selves, sasa hata ngufu ya ku “criticize” US yenye ina wafeed itatoka wapi? This is the reason why :smiley:


Three things:

  1. People are built different. Mimi you can never disrespect me because you are giving me a helping hand. I’d spit in your face with your help.
  2. USAID money in Kenya for the most part ends up in the pockets of rich people.
  3. I agree with you, to be included in the same bracket as Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Yemen and Ethiopia, all countries facing wars is an embarrassment for Kenya. What’s Kenya’s share of the money? 4 Billion Shillings? A 3 trillion + shilling budget and hatuna 4 billion to avoid unnecessary embarrassment? Yaani wameona tumeshindwa kujilisha hata kuliko Uganda na Tanzania?


Tunalipwa ile BJ tulipiga US against Russia. Wanajua the beneficiaries of their actions ni corrupt leaders and they are happy to entertain them because we will be there for their next BJ. Soft power.

:D:D:Dthis is so graphic

  1. Hiyo nayo ni ukwelo mtupu

  2. Pale Muthaiga, Rosslyn, Nyari na Runda diplomats ni ma orgies wanapiga tu. We shall revisit when I become CS for Foreign Affairs.

  3. Uhuru is an idiot. He is embarrassing the whole country.

Remember one applied to be on that list. It’s not by assumption that US puts you there. We are also a 3rd world country. Which means malfunctioning or non functioning systems. So we are a step away from those Ethiopias, Somalia’s than we are to the mid-level.

Mbona mnajifanya ni kama Leo ndio mumegundua. Kenya has always been and will continue to be the biggest USAID and US government foreign assistance recipient in Sub- Sahara Africa. Second after Egypt which receives mostly military aid so technically we are the biggest recipient in Africa.

Bonobo ngapi zinajua USAID is not an NGO but a foreign policy arm of the US government?

Infact it is under the state department and its work is to advance US interests. Mkisaidika that’s a by the way. A secondary objective.

USAID which is full of CIA operatives operates in low IQ countries.

You demand respect from your equal. Is the us our equal in any shape or form? Should a child demand respect ama it should work to earn it?

Alafu Uganda and Tanzania have more arable land per sqkm than we do so yes they can feed themselves very well. Yaani hii masomo yako ya yurop ilikusaidia na nini kama such common knowledge escapes you.

If you want to be someone’s kafukuswi because you consider yourself to not be an equal good for you. I don’t play that game.

You honestly believe Kenya needs 4 billion shillings worth of aid from America to feed itself?

@Dyson, you are in too deep to salvage what remains of yourself.

Sasa una introduce straw man by ignoring my counter to your original statement. Where have I written anything about my beliefs? If you think Kenya doesn’t need aid and want America to respect you, work towards self sufficiency to earn that respect.

I ignored it because in this day and age, anyone who thinks agriculture requires arable land deserves to have that sentiment ignored.
This feels like a carry-over from a previous thread about our media not having the balls to tell America off.

Let’s just leave it at I do not like America. I have no problem saying it loud. And I am thoroughly embarrassed that we keep licking their balls when countries with much more to lose like South Africa and even apparent basketcases like Eritrea can tell them to stuff their nonesense up theirs.

LOL… How would Israel be feeding itself if didn’t have those rich volcanic soils

It’s not only about the soil but the water pia. They have lots of fresh water from their numerous lakes and rivers. But leave it to sambamba to throw all reason outside the window in his hate for the us only to compare Israel and Kenya because they are very similar.

You should check the flow of river Athi-Galana-Sabaki. It has the capacity to irrigate millions of acres of all manner of crops.

And yet every year pokots harass farmers from Laikipia because they don’t have pasture. The same Israel sambamba anacompare was booted out of the country when they tried to help setup an irrigation scheme on the same river. You still think this is a problem irrigation can solve? That we can just copy and paste solutions from other countries because we love ignoring our own problems. That we should have the audacity to demand respect from stable countries.

What copy and pasting? I’ve never been to Israel. I do not know how Israel does their thing. But I damn sure know how to farm next to a river.
Obviously scaling up to millions of acres is something else altogether and requires various experts to study the feasibility, impact, outlook, and handle the day to day technicalities. But it is NOT copy pasting.
Why are you so determined to defend America’s right to abuse and misuse us? The message I am getting from you is that since we are poor we should shut up and put up. I’m sorry, I could be poor as a church mouse, but my dignity doesn’t come with a price tag. I’m equally disappointed that we seem determined to go down with a collapsing empire.

If you abuse and mistreat yourself, you should not expect any different from others. The same analogy applies when courting a woman or working in a company. I don’t understand what’s so difficult, maybe your hate for the us blinds you to such a simple concept. The fact that the US has to come to our aid everytime on matters food aid is a form of self abuse that we cant seem to let go of because it’s directly related to how we govern our country. It therefore follows that if you govern your country poorly, why the hell are you demanding respect?

Two things

  1. You talk as if the US has any respect for those who “respect themselves”. Or for anyone at all.
  2. I agree with you anyway that we do not respect ourselves. Which informs my frustrations at how we lick the feet of a bully that kicks us a good one up the anus.