Long Rant: Rare Realization

I spend 99% of my life pissed off but sometimes I have a rare revelation :rofl:

I’m sited at an establishment kicking back and thinking, I’m making money while having fun and I make money as I sleep.

I never quite understood what Buffett meant by “If you don’t find a way of making money when you sleep you will work until you die” until quite recently.

Even at the tiny scale I operate at, my money and my employees work tirelessly to make me rich when I take breaks.

Walmart is the largest employer in the world. The Waltons have 2.3 million people working day and night to put money in their pockets while they sleep/party/fuck whatever. Bezos has 1.5 million workers.

Hii game ni either utumiwe ama utumiane kuomoka banae. No wonder they are all worth billions.

You sit there wondering how one person can accumulate $1 billion kumbe its because he leverages the labor of hundreds of thousands of people. He doesn’t work 24 hours a day, he works over a hundred thousand hours daily.

That Mhindi in Industrial Area worth $5 million does not work 8 hours a day. He has 500 employees that he uses and pays less than they bring in. He pockets the difference. That way, he can work 2000 hours per day instead of 8 like the employee.

If I knew this at 21 years I would probably have 100+ people working for me right now lakini better late than never.

See an employee works 8 hours per day but he doesn’t know that he gets paid for maybe 4 or 5 hours worth of work and his boss pockets the extra 3-4 hours.

Wages remain sticky because increasing salaries by just 5% will cost millions in the long run if its a large company. Wages/salaries don’t keep up with inflation but prices of goods and services do. That’s how the rich (plantation/business owners get richer) and workers get poorer relative to their employers.

Working hard = Working 60 hours per week

Working smart = Having 100 guys working 60 hours per week for you (If you subtract their wages its like you’ve worked 1200 hours in a week)

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Niaje ya ya ya Azor Ahai, unaona hii mambo ya jambass ikiwa aje? Wanasema wanaonea crypto 18. Peana expat opinion

Niko hapa lunch mehn, ni nitajaza v power kesho mehn

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Rich Dad’s 4 quadrants

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Hapa kushuta ni fumes za dead omenA

This meal is confusing