Long hair and male prowess

Any connection?

Arsenal are chokers, just as predicted.
But they’ll beat Chelsea.
Chelsea are washed.

Assenol ni bure

Chifu umetamani huyo msenge ehhhh? Bure kabisa ng’ombe ici

I just admire his goal-scoring skills

Najua unaweza Mpanulie mkia akikuomba

No significant correlation.

We are recovering…

Cc. @uwesmake20230412_150506.jpg

Uko team moja na swara @uwesmake ?

Arsenal FC

Nikama umenyonga na hii photo

It is okay for a white Caucasian male kuweka nywele kubwa but very bad for an African to do so.

Arsenal were fucked by two blondes.

Why? Explain scientifically kama MTU ako na degree

I don’t know why but I think ni kwa sababu low self hating bonobos dislike their natural hair.

Yes it’s true that the self-esteem of an average black person is very low. For example our women straighten their hair while our men shave bald just because we are not proud of our hair. Same thing goes to black people bleaching their skin