Long con

will narrate how long cons work, it all about making the victim feel comfortable and trust you,just like the guy moses kariuki a well educated individual but was still conned 1.2 M.the key word is greed and desperation,all you need is a fake ID,register a line with another fake ID and disguise like dye ur hair or put a visible fake tattoo on the hand,this features helps when u get arrested,the witness will give info that will not relate with you,

the victim we prey are mostly ladies in Arab countries,the need affection and have lots of cash when they come home,so we start early on facebook.
will give a tale how l made 900k


From jail to another crime. Kweli it is a disease.

Weka hekaya

when the deal is too good think twice. .always have this in mind

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black maasai is baack…

Wewe wacha kuwa kama watu wa movies za oga weka hekaya mzima

We dont care how much you conned that Arab lady, after all we wont be there when your ass will be fed with copper, all we care about is, did you fuck that Arab lady???