Lonely Maribe Speaks Out "About huko kwa ground"...

Mtu Wa Majuu says ;
What do you expect when you intimately associate yourself with a murderer?. How can someone slaughter a human being like a cow in a slaugher house and yet you assume that things are normal on the ground. If you know the truth and you continue hiding it, you will have no peace girl. Say what you know and expose the man eater Jowie. When I was growing up, I used to hear of an animal called “njui” which used to kill the village dogs. Ad now here we have Jowie slaughtering Monica Irungu of course after entertaining himself with her. Bure kabisa.

Jacque Maribe has narrated that most of her female friends abandoned her in 2018 after she was involved in a highly publicized murder case.

Maribe, alongside her ex-fiance Joseph Irungu, is facing charges of murdering businesswoman Monica Kimani, whose body was found in her Lamuria Gardens home on September 20, 2018.

Speaking during an interview with True Love, Maribe stated that she was part of a group of friends that was widely regarded as “goals” in reference to public admiration and publicity they received.

[SIZE=7] Jacque Maribe and friends during a vacation in Mombasa
My Girl Squad Abandoned Me…[/SIZE]

"People I thought I was very close to. I even heard that some did public statements, disassociating themselves from me.
People we were seen on holiday with. Being told we’re squad goals and things like that.

“I will be very honest with you, I have like two female friends to date who stood by me from the beginning,” Maribe stated.

She added that her family was the greatest beacon of hope and they never questioned her guilt or innocence.

On the other hand, Maribe accused some of her media colleagues of falsifying information surrounding the case.

“I got to a place and I was zombified. Everyone is talking in your ear and there is so much commotion and all you hear is noise.
From covering the news, I was now the news. These were my colleagues writing about me and some of the stories, were not true,” she said.

The journalist also spoke about her 17-day stay at the Lang’ata Women’s Prison.

At first, she disclosed, the other remandees were not comfortable engaging with her, saying that she was a celebrity.

“It was tough being at Lang’ata Women’s prison but I appreciate everything that happens in my life.
Sometimes I’d laugh it off when they say that I am a celebrity and that they cannot talk to me,” she added.

Over time, however, Maribe bonded with them and some got to tell her stories that had led them to the facility.

“We’d even make each other’s hair sometimes. Some would share their stories saying that they had also been in a situation like I was in.
As a journalist, I was so curious,” she said.

Life lessons. When everything is good everyone wants to be your friend.

Watu wa “friends abandoned me” always surprise me. They come off as ignorant and a little bit entitled.

Here’s the thing…In life, you’ll have

  • Not more than 3 “ride-or-die” friends. These are the ones who geniunely wish the best for you. They’ll be there through thick and thin. I like to call them “family”.

  • About 5-10 “Tier 2” friends. These are the ones you have a good time with, and occasionally exchange favours. Don’t expect anything more. They have their problems to worry about.

  • And then we have acquaintances. These can be 20+. Just people you’ve met at different times in life. You don’t know much about them, and they don’t know much about you either. But, you don’t mind each other’s company.

Now, if you don’t know this na uko na meno 32, blame yourself. Don’t wine to bloggers that people abandoned you.

That murder is beyond bonobo comprehension,scapegoats were needed for a well calibrated evidential situation. That was not a love gone sour,big names were whispered yet none of them were questioned but since bonobos like sensation,fodder had to be given and kenyans love it. Meanwhile,still waiting on the lawyer that whacked his son for fcuking his wife (lawyer’s) and the city park ninja canoodling with his uncles wife not forgeting Kabogo and that uni girl that got run over on waiyaki way…obado

Filisika ujue tabia za watu. Kuna watu walikuwa wananitembelea at least thrice a week mpaka ile time nilijipata juu ya mawe. Kuna wale sijawaona SAA hii inaelekea five years. People should learn to differentiate friends from acquaintances.

So who was guilty?

A big name in South Sudan army was being mentioned

People will always love you, when you are at your best. Uki filisika, you become a burden

Thats real, its just human nature i guess.

So hii ya kabogo it was the same as obado? The lady was his mpango wa kando and jamaa akaamua kummaliza?

Wewe unachukulianga maisha serious sana. Sasa paragraphs refu on a stale story ni za nini?

General Malon’g a badass

Someone said she had a loudmouth, If you know you know.

Make google archives your friend. The girl was not Kabogo’s MwK. Just an innocent Uni student caught up in shenanigans that went horribly wrong. But Kabogo has questions to answer when he meets his maker.

Back to Maribe…she will know friends are judged in times of troubles, it is a life lesson most of us have gone thru although not thru circumstances as gory as hers. If she did not know that, now she knows. And in equal measures she should know that the media is not her friend either.

Mimi nijipate kwa murder case kama huyu Mama. I will sing like a canary. She should have thrown jowie under the bus right away at least then she would be judged as an innocent party who got caught up kwa visanga.

Can you say what you don’t know ?

Mimi nijipate kwa murder case kama huyu Mama. I will sing like a canary. She should have thrown jowie under the bus right away at least then she would be judged as an innocent party who got caught up kwa visanga.

The city lawyer was forgiven by the family…

The city lawyer was forgiven by the family…

Murder is a felony not a civil issue to be forgiven by the family.

I like how the piece centered on how ‘betrayed’ she felt for making stupid decisions, then finally she recalled on bonding with other inmates despite them seeing her as a ‘celebrity’ yet not even sharing a morsel of information of her ‘fans’ tribulations.

I have to say these two jail birds deserve each other.