London protesting against scamdemic.

Kumbe British police wanatumia ile mask nauzwa pale country bus?? I thought wanaeza afford HN95.

Kolona doing press-up.

Been protesting every weekend for a year now. Corona is a product of imagination.

When was this

Britons are really oppressed by their own government… Even harsh covid lockdowns aside huko vitu kama misogyny and misgendering are crimes

What’s up @Finest wine ? Watching from the balcony?

Still in bed …but is this today? BoJo habanduki ng’oo. Economy is down.

I don’t know, possibly a past date.

Boris Yeltsin akae ngumu.

Could be last year. He is yet to lift the lockdown and it is looking unlikely. Italy has a knock on effect on her neighbours.:mad:

Hii ni ya jana

This Rona thing is really messing the world’s economies. The lockdowns are devastating

Who dat?

You’re slow

Mawingu yamechoka


Weeh I missed it. Tujungu tumekasirika.

Interesting. See the placard saying ‘Social Distancing 2M’ sticking out of the tight crowd