lol at Black democrats

Straight from the horse’s mouth

like you are not aware that the then democrats left the democratic party in opposition to increased minority civil rights and are the current day republicans. so actually lol at current day black republicans per your logic

osha mikundu za dixiecrats polepole usiitwe nigger

Batco. That was the view of every white man then.

Bullshit. Biden was mentored by two of the most racist mzungus in the Democratic party. That is how he drafted the tough on crime laws in the 80s to keep as many nikkers as possible in jail.

1991 after passing some of those laws a few years earlier:

Those who don’t learn their history are doomed to repeat it. They terrorised the ancestors through slavery, kkk, lynchings and segregation. Yet now, surprise surprise, they are the saviors! The democratic party!

He was supported by blacks too

Blacks in US wako on their own. Republicans do not care wanajua nyeusi ni mali ya Democrats and Democrats just use them to virtue signal and get votes.