Logbook transfer

Hey villagers, I bought a locally-used car in 2014 from a private seller. He handed me the logbook and copies of PIN and ID. However, I have not yet transferred the car ownership to myself. I also replaced the engine, which means that the current engine details are different from those in the logbook. So, what do I need to do in order to complete the transfer, given that KRA are no longer doing motor vehicle transfers? How do I transfer it online via e-citizen? Does the guy who sold the car tome need to be involved in this transfer business?

Mwenye ako kwa hiyo logbook unaeza mpata ?


He still owns the car. have him transfer it online at tims. you need a tims account. once you have the car in your name you will change engine particulars later. dont complicate yourself trying to change all at the same time because you might even raise alarm at ntsa. if he cant login at tims and transfer the car maybe he played you.

Basi fanya vile umeambiwa na @Rene Descartes

Go to the relevant offices with a bribe not exceeding 30k. You will be served well


Vile umeambiwa hapo na @Rene Descartes, its very simple to transfer a motor vehicle nowadays as its purely online, you do not need to bribe anyone. Both of you, the seller and the buyer (you), needs to open a TIMS account whereby the seller will initiate the transfer process and pay the requisite amount depending on the cc of the vehicle. After the transfer has been done to you by the seller, you need to accept the transfer in your TIMS account and you are done. The new Log book under your name will be processed and you will pick it at the ntsa offices that you had selected in the transfer process after some time.

Thanks! What about the new engine whose details I want to appear in the new logbook? Do I provide the seller with the new engine details as well?

hiyo utafanya baadaye. get your logbook first.

Hello sir. Kindly advise. I recently bought a second hand car from a dealer in nairobi. We went through tims and completed the transfer successfully. Today in the morning i got an sms from ntsa that the transfer was done done unsuccessfully and that i needed to login to tims and make corrections. I have logged in but there is nothing that require my attention… What should I do now?

Nenda kwa ofisi ya NTSA iliyo karibu nawe.

Sure, just visit the NTSA offices so that they explain to you what you did not do right for correction.