Lodwar now has the highest number of new millionaires - thanks to devolution

As you hustle and complain about jubilee govt, the people of turkana are eating devolution billions with the big spoon. They have more govt billions than they can manage (NB: Turkana has received largest share of devolved funds >70B compared to counties like Kiambu 16B).

[SIZE=7]Young, rich and fabulous: The millionaires of Lodwar[/SIZE]
Daily Nation, Saturday, April 24, 2021

Good things have come for the daring and millionaires are sprouting up like wild mushrooms.
With the advent of devolution and the formation of the Turkana county government, there is more money in circulation than hitherto dreamed of.

What previously came to mind about Lodwar was dust, insecurity, scattered acacia trees, famine, colonial detention camps and the general feel of backwaters – a region of dead-calm only awakened once in a while by the crack of bandit gunfire.

But things have changed and now the main portrait of Lodwar is that of a growing town enjoying the boom.
Most youth and women have formed associations to advance chances of winning business tenders in the county government and contracts from companies involved in the hunt for oil and gas in the region.
They have formed companies and invested in road construction, real estate and the hospitality industry, among other sub-sectors.

Pastoralism and the Kraal system of rural settlement has been abandoned near urban centres, such as Lodwar and Lokichar. The once communal land is now in private hands as young millionaires expand their business empires.
The value of land has tripled in the past three years, with a parcel on the outskirts of the town now going for Sh300, 000, up from Sh80, 000.
The prime plots – previously grazing fields – are located along the Lodwar-Lokichar highway and have attracted investors from all over the world.

Governor Josphat Nanok said there are more than 10,000 registered companies in the county itching for a slice of the pie.
Most contractors have, however, complained of lack of skilled personnel, forcing them to hire from neighboring Uganda.

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Young, rich and fabulous: The ‘oil millionaires’ of Lodwar | Nation