Sasa wewe, kwani ndio umerudi kwa WIFI ya Mhindi. Ghaseer !!

Vile @Chiefkiumbe amesema

Vile @Some Say and @Chiefkiumbe wamesema

As usual @Yunomi kutoka Rumuruti will try to divert attention from locusts to his bullshit life :

"Surprisingly my moso bamboo crops remained largely untouched by this menace. Due to my hard work and tenacity as a farmer and the prayers from my lover my crops here in Rumuruti were bountiful in measure.

I received the long rains with amazement and wonder, bewildered at the bountiful harvest of moso bamboo seeds and cashew nuts that I will sell in the local market to the local Samburu population. My advice to the youths of tomorrow is not to fear locusts but to come together in the spirit of harambee as proposed by our forefathers the builders of our beroved Raikipia… the forebears of our descedants… the keepers of the keys… that success forroweth no master… that begotten his son Judah who the begot Isaac…"


Locust hapana tambua maombi au vitu zingine. Inajua tu green, na ni chakula.