Locust Harvesting.

I’m in talks with investors for a locust processing plant. High protein powder for all types of animals. Mostly targeting fish farms though.

but here is the thing… they are gassing the insects with dangerous chemicals which will be transferred to fish the people. just saying you might cause a cancer or two

Are they being gassed in closed detention centers?

chemicals get absorbed into animal tissue doesn’t have to be in a gas chamber

Touche’…My point was that “dangerous” chemicals that they will use to gas the locusts will still be absorbed by the flora and fauna in one way or another…no necessarily through the animal feeds.

Its wrong to use chemicals on living organisms.

Can we get nets that large?

:meffi::meffi: mshenzi

Don’t be cheated. Those planes are probably just spraying water on the locusts to show people that something is being done. Umeskia kampuni yeyote ya insecticides ikijihusisha na success ya kufukuza locusts?