Lockdown imminent


Serikali imekula pesa yote,kuchunga watu ndio itaweza? There will be social revolt
You cant equate runda folks and KYM together


Huyu kibaraka wa Ruto hajachoka kulala ndani with his alarmist news?

I have always told people here that Kenya is not a democracy, but an aristocracy. The majority will have their say, and the elite will have their way. I said it here a while back so let me reiterate. A total lockdown offers maximum benefit to the rich in Muthaiga, and highest risk (starvation/crime) to the poor (githurai). A partial lockdown with some modifications e.g forcing people to wear masks when in public, offers the maximum benefit for all. If you were to assign numbers, with 10 being maximum benefit and 0 being maximum risk it would be as follows:

No lockdown

  • Maximum risk for all = 1

Partial Lockdown with modifications e.g wearing masks

  • Githurai = 5
  • Muthaiga = 5

Total Lockdown

  • Muthaiga = 10
  • Githurai = 0

The people who decide whether there will be a lockdown or not are in the Muthaiga group. They will choose a total lockdown any day because it benefits them the most. In the meantime, people in Githurai will starve, get beaten up and arrested by cops, teargassed, killed and maimed so that the elite can enjoy the maximum benefit in their mansions. The elite don’t care whether people starve in Githurai. After all, they have a year’s worth supply of dry foods, power backups, fuel reserves, pool tables, swimming pools, fully stocked wine cellars and a super big flatscreens to enjoy DSTV and netflix as the thing blows over.

It is a modified version of a prisoner’s dilemma between the elite and the poor. The condition is that only one confession is needed, and the elite gets to speak first. Automatically, they would rat out the poor knowing that the poor will not have the chance to speak. The poor will get the maximum sentence and the rich will walk scot-free

Haya maneno umesema utayakumbuka ukichungulia nje from your house’s windows grill.Yaani atakuwa umejifungia kwa nyumba yako kama kuku.Ata kuku ni poa itatoka nje kupekuapekua ikitafuta munyongorooo

I support total lockdown!!! Gvt should put aside a big budget to feed its people.
But all and all people ahould not roaming around in these street, cause definately the damage would be bigger!!

There will be no lockdown in Kenya anytime soon stop being an alarmist.
We are flattening the curve.

The best thing about Kenya is that the rich are surrounded by ghettos. Hii lockdown will lead to anarchy. Kilimani is surrounded by kibera. Burubure by kiambio. Peasant wakiskia njaa wataenda hizo food wamestock.

Hata klist itakuwa ngumu kuweka bundles…
@administrator utasaidia aje hawa watu.

Uhuru has fucked up the economy to a point it cant sustain a lockdown.

Am 101 and 1 % they will be guarded.
Shoot to kill order will be used.
People like @rainbowreigns na nugu wengine atleast will be casualties

By who remember pia polisi wako na familia…

Gvt cannot afford to feed the people. This is not Europe.

Hao ni ngombe kama @pamba, they will listen to any order. Think this way; if a charged up crowd comes at you, the only option a police will have is shoot to save his life. The order will be used to restore sanity

But how many will they shoot. Hakuna kitu ngumu kama controlling hungry and angry crowd. Lazima mtatii. Saa hii itakuwa us against greedy government.

Hakuna lockdown inakuja. It might exist on paper but the government doesn’t have the manpower or the money to sustain anything close to a locdown for

Without a total lockdown, the virus will reach the rich in a faster manner. The more people have it, the harder it is to escape if you live in the same region. For example, if half of Nairobi gets the virus, the other half cannot avoid getting it. For the first time, even with money, there arent enough ventilators for the rich and they can’t fly out for treatment. A lockdown will only stop being an option once the rich have a way of seeking treatment abroad. Now that they are cornered, a lockdown is inevitable, mpende msipende. It is the best chance for the elite to survive and that’s what will happen.

Watu wa lockdown saa hii southern Italy wizi ina tembea. Jana a lorry was hijacked kila kitu ikabebwa. Stores are being broken.
Halafu watu wakianza kunyuria polis will be need to assist Kwa hospital by carrying the sick. The rich hawatakuwa na mtu ya kuwalinda.

Which hungry man with a family will agree to stay locked up for something that may not even kill him? Hunger will kill you in 72 hours while Covid-19 disease might kill you in 14 days and there is high chance of surviving if Brenda Cherotich was able to survive it