Lock down&curfews saves lives, crime has really gone down

Coronavirus: Locked-down Miami goes seven weeks without a homicide for first time since 1957

Am a die hard fan of CSI MIAMI otherwise cunt relate

Mambo ya Miami yanatuhusuje?

Since we don’t have our own statistics we can project that crime statistics will go down in our country too. Btw hakuwezi kosa kukuwa na mkenya ako Miami hapa.

Crime is actually up in some places in kenya under this curfew (shops being broken into and burglary)…polisi ndio wakora.

Crime has classification. Majority of the murders for example happen under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Closing discos, bars and also having curfew will automatically bring down murders, rapes, DUI and even violent crimes such as mugging. Also fewer people being outside means thugs will have hard time blending into the masses. Burglary is in the rise all over. I heard of a homeless guy who broke into a restaurant in New York and has been enjoying himself to the max, cooked and ate everything they left and 70 bottles of expensive wines are gone.