Wakuu wenye experience waelimishe sisi

kidogo nikuliwe mkundu Peponi na wahindi walikuwa wameitisha cuckold ani watch niki dinya bibi yake bana. Sat strategically pale Oil Libya nkwapea the wrong descriptions two men mid 40s came to pick me. Nlkuwa kwa gari. Waited till they left nikaondoka…sijai fungua Locanto since then.this was 2020 pandemic was rife …


:D:D:D:D this one deserves a thread of its own. Angusha hekaya vile uliponea from running while holding your falling trozas.


Shiett :D:D

Can’t stop laughing

Nitaangusha Hekaya

Hehehehhehe… Manze hii ni shit gani you got yourself into… Leta hekaya…

First Red flag ni ati walinishow wao ni expatriates but the guys who came to pick me were clearly indians…haha nlizima simu bwana

Only on Ktalk…:smiley:

Ktalk is the place to be :D:D:D:D

Uko sure si @patco na @Panyaste★ hao ndo wanapenda hizo tabia za kufunguana boot

Surely sir, don’t discriminate, Indian expatriates do exist especially in the IT and molecular biology or biotechnology sectors. When one Indian gets posted he comes with the whole clan for security. Don’t judge too harshly.


Would you have gone if they were clearly expats? Shida yako ni vile no muhindi?

Ok ,ok, ladies settle down,WTF is Loketo?