locally assembled 5 tonnes pick-up truck



The horrible joke on 2 full pages of sunday nation :smiley:

hehe 5 ton bana.

:smiley: io mkebe ukiwekelea simiti 20 which is 1tonne ina crumble:D

I long said ever since Kenyans accepted @digi and @Micymas as among the.most respected, quoted, read and referenced journalists, itabidi tukubali matokeo. The above article is enough evidence to my thesis; that journalism should never be a degree program but a unit in other programs. Either that ama ikuwe strictly a second degree whose prerequisite is a degree in another field.
In the same breath, editorial duties should be reserve for consultants with track records in their fields. How did this even pass the editor?

Wewe unaongea mbaya umejenga nini ya maana hii dunia?

tuliza jaluo :smiley:


io afadhali…

ii ni meffi gani sasa?
National gazetii:D
@FieldMarshal CouchP njoo kiasi mzee ng’ombe wewe

Haki iyamtayad of Kenyan journalism.

I don’t buy or read Kenyan meffi newspapers.
I don’t watch Kenyan TV
I don’t listen to meffi Kenyan radio.

Contrary to your thinking,those Laikipia guys will hear none of it,buy one to support them.
Lakini as country we need to be serious when it comes to standards.
Kigui gikii niwaigua

Iko wapi space ya kuweka thimitii twendii

kihìì si wao wasema ni 5T?
soma io gazeti
gati ka mbìa

Ghasia si wangewauliza hivyo…Nugu ino amba utiganee nanii dugathukirie muthenya

A truck with a 250cc engine carrying 5 tons. Really.

kimakia haichwo mùgoma ùyù