Localbitcoins trader

Any villager here who uses the platform for trading as a source of income generation?

Drop my name and you shall get all answers.

I use the platform but only to buy or sell bitcoin before transferring to an exchange or withdrawing to Mpesa. Basically, I use it as a conduit.

Some people derive an income from LBC but I find the margins too thin there. You’d need a different and cheaper source of btc to make sense of the business.

You are rich rich. 1 BTC = $11,019.80 !!

M-Pesa transacts billions of shillings daily. You use M-Pesa. Are you rich???

Tutumie akili tafadhali

Smh. I’m alluding to the fact that you trade bitcoins. Why are you triggered? Ungeexplain tu how BTC works cause from my understanding 1 BTC = Ksh.1.2m hence the “richness”

Bitcoin can be divided into 100 million units called satoshis. Enough said.

Watu wengi huwa na .000xxx bitcoins.

Nlikuwa nadhani lazima ununue moja kwenda juu

make a few trade a day with even ksh200 and 300 differences and you will make your 3k daily… 100k minimum per month if you’re serious

Uwongo bro. Kabla umake 3k pale lazima miujiza. Ile volatility ya BTC pia inaeza kupiga chuma ushangae.

The margins are too slim. I have been looking for a site that has people selling bitcoins cheaply ndio niweze kumake profit ya maana pale paxful or localbitcoins

Did you get one?

Not yet. Though there’s a trader who was buying very well but via PayPal. Unfortunately ni kama aliingia mitini.

you adjust your rates according to the market… simple

Yes, started 7yrs ago…when very very few Kenyans knew what bitcoin is…but nowadays compe ni moto.

Guys check out Bitzlato a p2p exchange with impressive features including zero trading fees and huge commissions on adverts. It has Mpesa option quite better than localbtc https://bitzlato.com/p2p?start=12SEK or contact support easily via this telegram group https://t.me/bitzlato_talk