Local Airlines

Let’s agree, if you have only travelled with Jambo Jet or Flight 540, bado hujapanda ndege.

There are also other small ones we we won’t mention because they suffer the same fate, plus unpopularity.

First of all hakuna first Class sijui business class, all of you are abiria, only called economy because there is no other name , but am sending them a customer review to consider introducing a Sufferers class to cater for this.

Now inside you usually sit watatu watatu, and don’t think the seats are inclinable, they are strongly fixed straight, upright, you sit at attention like a karao, no starehe, bora ufike. If you try to stretch you will knock off your seatmate, as you are almost touching shoulders. The legroom is another squeezed thing, and if by bad luck Jehovah Yahweh gave you long legs, you will have to find a way of aiming your pointed magoti downwards to avoid tearing the seat infront.

There are no sockets here, if your phone is dead you are doomed, and you will have nothing to take selfies with to come set poor standards here later.

Then since the passengers here are sufferers by all definitions, when the hostess passes on the isle pushing a trolley selling beverages + etc, everyone pretends to be busy on phone, others stare outside until she passes, for guys here can’t dare buy soda for 200 while they know they can get it at 35 Bob mtaani.But seriously it doesn’t make sense for a local flight picking on international standard price of beverages while it’s only cruising from town to town like a bus or train.

All in all these flights services from Kenya Airways na akina Fly540 are an excellent initiative, mkenya wa kawaida, which is a polite name for a poor Kenyan, can travel faster. It can also greatly reduce road accidents. The only thing is if they can set the prices chini to kinda 2k, and squeeze the seats more hata kama tutakuwa tunakaa wanne wanne kama PK. Actually I know some people who will be willing to simama, Eld, Kisumu and even Mombasa si mbali vile.


Sv unafanya nini usiku? Ion home remedy ya tonsils ni nini?

I have read your whole thread to much torture… it is very clear that you are a wannabe.

You have no clue about jambo jet or other type of economy and premium services

I’d suggest utafute vipii wenzako mchimbe shimo kwa mchanga na mtombe hiyo


Wewe na wewe unalyk threads zote hata za kijinga kwani unataka upewe tako?

Ivo hivo ume describe regional jet sio ngumu kujitengenezea hata hapa Kenya. And they would change lives. Custom made ikiwa na hata viti nne ama tano ulivyosema to suite our needs. Unaamka mombasa unaenda kisumu kazi na jioni unarudi Mombasa. the engines and electronics would be imported but the rest can be built right here in Kenya even for export, believe it or not. And we have a very cheap and efficient labour force.
hawa wajaluo wanapiga makarai hapa jua kali ama hawa mechanics ama hata hawa watu wa kubeba magunia; mjamaa anakubebea a 200 kilo air wing na mabega. you wouldn’t even need fork lifts.

Na ndio maana the matatus we have especially these very small “nissans” as they are called or mini-vans don’t suite our needs because it is expected that at some level a country should be capable of constructing basic cars for its people. So, the Japanese don’t make them for Kenyans, they are made to suite the narrow Japanese roads. Na ni kadogo (Japanese people are often small) hata dereva mnono wa Kenya anaendesha kama nyama ziko nje. In an accident Mungu awasaidie.

If Kenya made her own matatus, crash cages would be standard because we need them. Thereby there would be more work for citizens and lives would be saved. But instead mjamaa anawaletea vw saloon assembly line. Na ati JKUAT iko hapo na imejaa engineers…


Kila mtu anataka kukula

you have summed it up…