Hi, took a bank an unsecured bank loan for farming unfortunately there were setbacks from floods. Bank gave grace period to try again farming wt own resources failed again. Now they’ve set auctioneer upon me. They want household items I got none. Can they come after my parent’s property?

:D:D Without them as guarantors ,i dont think so.Wapee kuku.

Obtain a court order. Will cost you kama 5k

Get a lawyer and file for bankruptcy…

“Unsecured bank loan”… What do they have against you? … If nothing Waonyeshe kidole cha kati… Kama wazazi ni guarantors… Hahaha ole wako

Nunua dogi ya kutisha hao auctioneers, alafu Kwa gate uadike "mbwa Kali "

You are separate from your parents. Unless you listed them as your guarantors

Unsecured? How…

hii loan ulipewa bila any security ama guarantors kwani ni ya tala?

If it’s unsecured tell them to fuck off

due to customer care nowadays we dont deduct guarantors money and from way before a guarantors property(chattels) has never been auctioned ( unless it was a loan secured by a third parties conventional security ) .

my advice ask for a reschedule ulipe


ona afisa kando na uhame your abode , but ujipange ulipe .

Retail banking credit departments are a nighmare.I pity guys like you,always chasing defaulters wa maloans inorder to keep your PAR down ndio isiharibu performance appraisal yako :smiley:

Huyo hatambui PAR, anajua kukula mono na kunywa gilbeys after Kula hongo ya defaulter na auctioneer

new villager it’s better buying farm produce than actual farming… hapa ungekuja before

The worst the credit department can do to an unsecured loan is to send a debt collector. Past that it just becomes a bad loan to be written off if you fail to pay.

@hackney, you have no idea how those guys in that credit dept take advantage of secured facilities. Unadefault hivi kidogo, gari/shamba yako hiiiiyo kwa auctioneer inauzwa at a throw away price, wanaziununua wenyewe through proxies. Dont know whether its possible nowadays, but kitambo guys in credit department were making serious money.

si umesema ni unsecured, wangoje na panga kwa gate… these niggas cant do shit to you, labda creditscore ndo itachapa

its not as easy as you assume,some guys I know in credit have lost their jobs when trying to take advantage of such shady deals.

ndio maana didnt think its possible nowadays, controls are tight unlike before. Had a relative back then in such a dept, lets just say the guy is still living well years after leaving the dept.

Boss Ngangana ulipe. Can mess up your credit yet you still a good reputation in the eyes of other lenders siku hizi.

That depends if your parent properties where use as collateral they will come for it ,if not they can’t go for it. my advice as financial advisor is to make arraignment with the Bank on your terms of repayment and duration to enable you get the loan paid along with the interest rate. hope the interest rate is not on high side.