Loans now to be issued at 13.5% interest

This is after today’s CBK MPC meeting.

Okey, early this month you had posted
Watu wa loans in 6 months mjitayarishe - General - Kenya Talk


Yes. Wait for September

I think this is a ploy to trap as many Kenyans as possible with these bank loans…

IMF pressured the Govt to increase loan rates , Treasury agreed.
I think its a ploy to reduce them now then increase them in Q6 months hence trapping millions of bank customers.

Be ware!

Kenyans are already trapped by loans/debt.

It’s against the law dumbass

True. To make it look like govt is working on making life easy for Kenyans. And then, September comes!

More and more Kenyans are going to suffer. They banned logging effectively cutting off charcoal supply and then they are raising taxes on kerosene.
Wah wah wah Uhuru really has no sympathy on poor Kenyans.

messed up thing is there is no cheaper option being offered . If there was an option of cooking gas of maybe same price as ngunia ya makaa that could be better anyway there will be long suffering fellows. very long
[SIZE=1]tafuna tano pole pole [/SIZE]

If you want to know how much Kenyans are drilled without lube, just visit any @kenyapower office. Everyone’s bill has been jacked up unscrupulously.

Fvck i IMF given a chance I will screw them dry fry

Tutaumia politicians wakikula nyama zimechomwa na Kenyan charcoal made from May Forest trees no less

Logging is bad for the environment. Charcoal is bad for health, kerosene is worse especially now that it’s being adulterated with petrol or something . . .
Again, how is the president responsible? Kenya is not his homestead, are laws and bodies that govern the country.

But we’re too poor to afford gas cookers. What can we do until we can afford gas/electric cookers? Ama you don’t care?

What do you expect when you don’t take an interest in your power bill? Take your metre reading/note No. of units you use and go online and find the estimate of how much you are supposed to pay/spend. Ask Kenya power questions, don’t just complain online.

Speak for yourself.
A dented tin of charcoal was going for ksh60. Some days you need one tin other days you need two tins. Same for kerosene one day a litre other days two litres. Charcoal and kerosene are by far more expensive than gas, I have experimented I know. With ksh1800 for a refill of gas, I’m sorted for two months or three depending on usage. I however supplement when doing heavy boiling.
We have to change our thinking process let’s embrace change, let’s be positive and not just grumble for the sake of it.

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Did you know there is such a program? Have you visited your nearest national oil and failed to get the subsidised gas? Let’s be proactive.

Mitungi za gas are not readily available all over Kenya.

Depends on how badly you want it.