[li]Use the loan apps on a cheap phone or install Bluestacks in which you will install the apps. [/li][li]Buy a new sim card.[/li][li]Create about 200 fake contacts. [/li][li]Create fake mpesa messages showing huge transactions. [/li][li]Install all the apps.[/li][li]Register then install and use like two at a time. Let the others age.[/li][li]Borrow and repay, uninstall and move to the next app untill you raise the loan limit to the desired level.[/li][li]One by one, hit your max loan for each and unistall.[/li][li]Rinse and repeat.[/li][/ol]

Exactly what i meant! Does it work from your experience?

Ypu opened the thread because it attracted what you desire. Peasant to you too bby

Nimeshangaa kuona ngiri @kush yule mnono na mjaruo @Tom Bayeye pia ni watu wa kukopa sao mbili alafu wanatupa sim card. Very shameful behavior.

How do u know all this if at all u are not a peasant?

before u take the loan back up contacts zako kwa google can remove the google account from your phone.Save fake referee numbers juu lazima watataka ukiapply loan.Install the loan app apply the loan,tumia those fake referee numbers.ukishapata loan delete the app.rudisha your google acc.wakijaribu kukutishia na ku call contacts watapata ni mteja.

Go to settings, deny app permissions for “Contacts access”

It should work. Try and revert.

The “L” is most probably silent.

How do you know about homosexuals if you are not one? Next

Hehe … za lanye ni public juu every @Mimi Huwa Namwagiwa Ndanii, @uwesmake and @sperminator huzipitia

I thought everyone on the forum was a billionaire and sio watu was kuchange simcards coz of some 1k loan. Also who the hell takes a 1k loan? That’s not even enough for some Mbuzi lunch.

Also its quite ironical that those who always complain about corruption and the ones promoting theft of online lenders cash.

Ngurue @kush yule mnono ni expert wa kukopa soo tatu alafu atatupa sim card. Jamaa anajua mbaka huwa wanatuma Bible Verses usipolipa:D:D:D Talk of a peasant knowing his craft!

By the time u know how to scam online lenders mbaka unajua how to hide 3rd party information from them, u must be really in a bad spot financially.

Ngurue ni ngurue tuu.

Hehehe ati ‘my cousin’

Jinga si ujikubali tu ni wewe:D:D…yaani hii kijiji mnatumia mbinu zote to appear successful?

Hehehehe! Si ungelog in na ile account yako kiwete ya @Uncle Thio upost basi.

Hehehe … khasia priss priss, give me a break. Why should it be me if it’s my cousin?


Who can tell me what are the risks of taking out a loan?

Borrowing money from financial institutions provokes you to become their hostage. The disadvantages are more related to the risk of not paying the interest.

The most significant disadvantage of a loan is that the final amount you pay to the bank is much more money than you borrowed. Understandably, that’s why the bank makes loans to make money. The primary type of risk for the client is the inability to fulfill his contractual obligations. This entails penalties, collateral loss, litigation, and negative marks in your personal loan history. Therefore, please pay attention to its contract terms when choosing a lender. Trust only trusted sources, such as

Does this scheme work? The fact is that everything is different in my e-banking application… When I make any transactions, the bank manager contacts me very often and asks me for all my data. Because fraudsters often steal money from cards, some banks contact customers for their safety. I think this is right because no one is immune from fraud. Therefore, it is best to be safe… But for example, my friend who uses this bank has nothing like that. She rarely gets a call from the bank and does not ask her for any information. Therefore, for security reasons, she visits Mortgage Advice Liverpool.