Loan bikes

Kama unataka kuingia biz ya nduthi please kama unaeza chorea nduthi za loan. Avoid them like a plague. Afadhali ununue cash, ama ufanyie mtu usave pesa ikifika ununua yako mpya.

#Premium tears at the moment.

Leta hekaya. Mogo wamefanya nini?

Hehe, Mogo wanatetemesha sagwa sagwa
Naskia hii ni yard yao ya ku-store zile nduthi, tuk tuk, na gari wame-repossess.
Hio kampuni huwa na ridiculous interest rates unashindwa who in their right mind would take such loans.

wacha vijana walearn the hard way ndio Arror akiwaptia wheelbarrow wachukue bila maneno mingi. Vijana hujiona wajanja hawataki kufanya hesabu

This topic was discussed here…

I know you are gone case but comparing a wheel barrow to motorbike is borderline retarded…you can earn your keep without necessary acting stupid.

watu wenye huwa unasimamia kwa construction industry wanatumia wheelbarrow, sio motorbike

:D:D:D…you need to come back to your senses what percentage of the population works in construction industry compared to the number of jobless youth?
And you know the lifespan of cheap wheelbarrows he is giving out?
Epuka ufala I refuse to believe you are that stupid.

Heri uwe tu jobless than uwe jobless na umedaiwa 200k na mogo finance.

You are deviating… answer my question! Or better yet state business idea on how you can make money with a wheelbarrow? Tuwache ujinga.

you are arguing with someone who has pretty much deified - the dp

and you think he is the one with a loose nut in the head? let us be serious here for a moment:D:D

The guy is really dedicated to his hob and master, i’ll give him that.

Did you miss the part where I told him he is gone case… And this isn’t our first interaction I always call him out.

Wheelbarrows pia zinatumiwa:-
-kubeba nappier grass from shamba to cowshed.
-kuzungusha matunda by hawkers.
-kubeba retail goods

Wacha ujinga!! If wheelbarrows were the solutions to joblessness I personally will spare 20k every month to buy 4 jua kali ones…
Assuming every jobless youth got the wheelbarrows and they started the business you have mentioned… what di you think will happen.
Keep in mind the wheelbarrows he giving out have a very short span.

Pahali tuko as a country there are no available white collar jobs. Vijana wanatoka Campo na degrees and diplomas with very flowery credentials but upon hitting the ground wanagundua the harsh reality. Joblessness everywhere even for graduates. Kama huna connection za kwenda majuu itabidi ujitume na wheelbarrow. And by wheelbarrow I don’t mean the literal one-wheeled cart. You know warrai mean.

My reply was in relation to to sani’s reply… He meant a wheelbarrow.
Your examples were also centered on wheelbarrows.

You now Gerrit

Mogo wamenyorosha mimi piki piki bana. 20k imekunywa waters ivo tu.

Its very interesting that at Mogo you pay a monthly almost equivalent to how much we used to pay for half a nduthi.
Whose fault is that?
Mimi najua ni Uhunye, turudishe Kibaki tafadhali.