Liwe liwalo, @Motokubwa has spoken

It’s the situation on the ground. I interacted with some wazees during Jamhuri day, over a mtungi of muratina and was shocked. It is worse for Gatheca than I thought.
Even one mzee said " Wacha Gatheca asimame against Ruto aone Ruto akimuangusha by 8.00 am"

That is very true.i can’t wait for WSR to resign ndio dynasties wajue Kenya si yao

If the people of Mt. Kenya region want Ruto for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack on him in between, then, let be it.

Kila mtu ajipange kwao vizuri. Sijawahi ona wakikuyu wakijikata kichwa raundi hii ndio nataka kuona.

Mt. Kenya hawajawahi kukataa mbeca. Just imagine Uncle Ruto angekuwa na mkono fupi!!!

There’re skinning him, before burying him, meaning, in their eyes, the man is already dead.

Hell shall freeze over before that imp resigns.

Just because you hate Luos.

Not necessarily. But mainly coz Gatheca doesn’t give a ferk about Mt Kenya region and their businesses and due to the fact that he wants to betray the DP thus putting the entire gīkūyū population in Rift Valley into great risk.
Mt Kenya people have no problem with RAO.

Ruto is the voice and face of Luo hatred that’s why you ‘love’ him.

You are wrong my son.

Its actually quite possible considering he isn’t wanted by the drunkard and his girlfriend. He might just quit and become the official leader of the opposition

What is he waiting for? He should have done it like a year ago.

You are in denial.

I have been in these streets long enough and I know better.

You have been on the streets with blinkers for too long… Fast forward to 5:25.

No need.
Believe what I tell you.

Kila mtu amekuwa mpenzi mtangazaji not mtazamaji.