Living with your girlfriend

Then u don’t know their nature… she’s using him and also it’s not surprise she’s utilizing sympathy as well . It’s ok to have empathy but sympathy is the rabbit hole you can’t get out of

Hakuna kitu 10/10 hakina extra source of income kama ni orphan 30k net amekuwa akireceive she should have started something.Before your fella knows it ball.


wewe kama umesota keti paleeee -----------------------> na peasants kama wewe… senji , noogle ,mattacooree

Takes a rat to know a fellow rat feeds on beans

Your friend is gay. He has a 10/10 girl but wants to live alone? He pays her 30k monthly to buy her silence, msijue hapendi madem

I smell lies. Deorro mefww ww

30k is a lot, so every day he pays 1k for that hoe, na hajahesabu house allowance? Our beta male needs to remember four days she’s on periods so alipe 26k. sabina joy is cheeper, with 30k you can sample more than 10 new hoes per month ukiwalipa 3k, without housing them and some nagging nuisance.

There’s nothing wrong with giving your wife upkeep money. Alphas aren’t afraid of taking care of their own. So these guys calling your friend a Beta male are just insecure twats who can’t fathom the amounts. A proper woman will stay with or without you being in a position to give (Not pay) upkeep. So your friend should go broke, if she leaves, good riddance. If she stays, wife her.

Sema ni wewe kaka brasa.Kitu unafaa upunguze ni hiyo pesa ya maintenance.Ichezee 15k hapo

Being desperate and putting women on a pedestal itamaliza wanaume wengi sana.

I can state for a fact that even if he kicked her out at 5 pm, curfew haiwezi fika kama hana mahali pa kulala. I can bet a year’s income on that. Women, especially hot ones, keep several guys on the sidelines in case their guy doesn’t “act right.” Huyu jamaa anaweza mfukuza alafu ashtuke mrembo wake akikujiwa hapo nje na Range Rover Vogue:D:D:D

:D:D:DYou gotta admire the ability of blue pill betas to just ignore all the red flags and still put the woman on a pedestal. “the money he is giving is for food is him taking care of himself and for her to keep looking good for him he is not paying her!” Alafu hapa kwa hii statement ni kama umeweka hamster on overdrive bana:D:D:D What kind of logic is this? And what do you mean there’s nothing better out there? There’s always something and someone better out there. Oneitis na scarcity mindset zitamaliza wewe kijana.

Depends on his monthly income , if its above 500k per month, thats pocket change, so dem ako na bedroom yake ama??? I dont understand why a childless man (with a temporary girlfriend) would need to rent a 2 bedroom house

Hiyo ndio inaitwa silver platter sasa. Let the kunguru enjoy the fruits of her career

I really feel sorry for the ninja. Maybe anahofia akiwachana na huyo hatawahi pata mwingine Kama yeye. but haidhuru, kila mtu apambane tu na Hali yake

The friend = cousin ya @ChifuMbitika = @ChifuMbitika

Hiyo ni uwongo

35k to a landlord na probably hana acre moja ya hii Kenya. Sijui watu wengine watasaidika aje. And to top it all 1k per day to the girlfriend? Sasa tofauti ya huyo gf na sj ni Nini? First remind your friend that he is not the girl’s father. It’s not his responsibility to feed and clothe her.

Opharns are loyal and make the best wives since she has no were to go.they stick with the man in thin and thick

why does he pay her food and living allowance if they are staying same house?