Living with your girlfriend

Your friend is the real definition of the BETA male we have been talking about.

  1. Kwanza venye ulisema huyo Dem Ni 10/10 hapo nikajua tu sio bure huyo mwanaume anaitishwa 30k kila mwezi, because Dem anajua jamaa anam abudu juu ya looks zake. Where did human pride(self respect) go, hata Kama ni ubeta?

  2. Secondly, kabla huyo jamaa wako hajapatana na huyo dem, kwani Dem alikuwa anaishi wapi? Kwa Nini am hurumie?

  3. My two cents advice, tell your friend to wake up and smell the coffee. If he is no longer comfortable with living with her, afukuze yeye, Dem atajipanga just venye alikuwa kabla apatane na huyo Ninja. Peace of mind cannot be traded for beauty!

Tell the fella to marry the lady, get her pregnant-have kids and live happily ever n…; he invited her to live-in because he likes her… and I can tell you there are many ppl in these streets who wish they were in his situation with the 10/10. He is just bored for staying long with the mwoman, it happens…but let him know that there is nothing better out there… by the way the money he is giving is for food is him taking care of himself and for her to keep looking good for him he is not paying her!
If there is something she does/has done wrong, then he can use that as a reason to kick her out…otherwise wakae pamoja; at regret akimuacha.

Your friend or you??

Good question. Each time I see these sob stories (asking for a friend) and poster is a villager, I always have my suspicions.

Those who wish to be in his situation Ni wenye hawajielewi Kama yeye. If you can date a 10/10, Ni Nini itakuzuia upate 10/10 mwingine ukiachana na huyo. Don’t worship looks bwana

Just like @Tonito amesema. This woman had a life before he met the guy. Let her go drying. Secondly, if she is really a 10/10, we always know having an extremly beautiful gf/wife is like having a mango tree by the roadside. In a few years, she will go with the highest bidder then utakuja kutupatia another hekaya

Society despises cohabitation. So apart from the silent whispers from family and the neighbors, the most sensible thing for him to do is to marry her.

Its actually quite easy, He feign brokeness and should default on rent for 2-3months hivi mpaka wafukuzwe…aseme wahamie bedshitter…halafu atajionea

Unpopular opinion: don’t try to advise your friends on relationship matters especially if the issue is financial. Later on when shit hits the fan atasema wewe ndiyo uliharibu ndoa, things were fine before you got involved, I should have never listened to you etc. Few people have what it takes to admit they were the problem so they will blame you for ‘interfering’. Let nature take it’s course. Beshte wako atamezeshwa tembe nyekundu apende asipende.

I’d rather live with a rat and feed it beans

Uishi na kunguru na bado umlipe? :oops: hata bibi sijaijaribu kumpatia tu pesa hivyo ju ya mazoeano. That boy is a fwerkin full someone should slap some bladi sense into his undeveloped brain

Its just a matter of time. Hii coercion ya pesa always ends up badly.
Never be the needy person in any relationship. NEVER.

Hii nayo ni ujinga. You’ll find that the polo is saving more money than the friend if he’s saving any


She can and she might soon. A woman who is comfortable accepting that kinda cash every month from your hard work bila aibu… What does she bring to the table?

Unalipia dame rent ya 35k and in her free time anakunjwa in some dingy bedisitter in Zimmerman by a guy with sixpacks and dreadlocks. Wajinga ndio waliwao.

Atoke hapo mbio sana. hesabu ikiingiana hivi, atarushwa nje usiku saa nane wakati wa curfew.

Captain Rent a Whore.

That lady atamwacha mbio sana,saa hii hesabu yake ndio imepungukiwa ndio maana she is sticking around.And she seems to have discovered huyo jamaa anamwonea huruma so she’s taking advantage…Nigga wont believe siku atakuwa anarusiwa matusi na kuachwa when the lady finds some other dude,mwenye atampa more than that.

Hiyo 10 over 10 leta picha yake tucheke