Living a lie

A lady friend of mine:a social media noisemaker.She will go on taking pics of her and her mpangos(Wazungu mostly) having meals and drinks in all the expensive restaurants in the city.Hatulali kila weekend with her posting pics of their escapades to sijui Malindi,Maasai mara and all those places.Now come to the reality of life,she is a single mother of two boys,the eldest being 17 years and the youngest 9 years old.She cant even pay her rent, watoto wanalala njaa eti yeye ameishia Brew Bistro,nyumba haina ata chumvi.why do women ishi hivi…a lie but hey not only women men too.leave according to your means and stop trying to display to the world a lifestyle that is not yours.A lot will be expected of you and you will not be able to march it up


some of this stuff iko fueled na social media…ukiingia all you see are happy couples, people in trips, people with cars and you think wewe bado uko nyuma kimaisha only to find out that what people post on social media are their best moments. behind the curtains, people are normal and have their struggles pia


Good advice. Why don’t you direct it to her?

Told her a million times man! haski

I know a luo single mother in coasto who has the same same tabia kama huyu mwoman ume mention, Her too has two kids but they are girls. It may sound like a coincidence but the eldest daughter is 17 and youngest if am not wrong yuko 8 or 9. Chic is in her 30’s lakini stays in her mothers house. She also has a similar lifestyle ya kupost mapicha akiwa enjoyment.

This is the lady i once mentioned here aliniitisha pesa ati mtoi nimsick,nimetuma pesa western union…kidogo kidogo naona mwoman ame update photo kwa Fb ati going for a road trip…saizo ako na tu buddies zake…niliumwa sana


This here too is a Luo lady(No pun intended) but stays in Nairobi.

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HAIYA !!:eek:

welcome to the so called modern age where people get meaning, acceptance, approval and status from the number of likes online… alafu since the online world only gives u instant gratification u have to be active like a hamster on a wheel hustling for likes… social media, though invented with good intentions, will go down in history as one of the worst things to have happened to society

u can be a looser/reject in real life but once u receive the title Village elder here, u feel invincible


It’s a lifestyle, I tell u.


Sasa unataka tumsaidie ama tuku saidie aje sasa?
let her live her life you got yours ama ulinyimwa slices?

:D:D:D…Jirani mwema husaidia wote.

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:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D hii kitu ni noma sana


Wazungu tena haezi lipa rent or she’s the one funding the trips.


:D:D:D:DJirani amehama

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Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) is a well documented condition that has been made worse by the interconnectedness of the digital age…

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Ulipata slices zako?

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There’s something wrong with our Brothers and sisters from the lake.
I remember back in the days when ART (Africa Retail Traders) was alive and kicking, pale kwa Esto, all the repossessions that happened, with exception from one, zilikuwa kwa nyumba za Wajaka.

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Unafaa kumweka block list pap.