Liverpools best signing of the decade


Today Sheffield must get a point/s out of LiVARpool.

Me nataka wapige hio Liverpool

Its true Livarpool ni ghasia


Wamefanya nini? We all know that teams have benefited and not benefited from VAR. Liverpool FC is just one of them. Why is it that all focus is just on one team? If Liverpool FC was bottom of the table, would you be talking about VAR assisting Liverpool FC?

Liverpool’s best signing is Minamino kwanza FA anacheza . EPL teams wajitayarishe kunyembwa.

58 points with a game in hand…

13 points clear at the top with a game in hand.


Wanashinda ligi. I’ve made my peace with that reality.

Liverpool’s rivals have failed big time.
Chelsea who I support deluded themselves into thinking they’re a big club and went on to sign trash players.

Man United who are an actual big club don’t know how to buy themselves out of trouble.

Arsenal had a benevolent dictator called Wenger.

Pep has run out of ideas at Man City.

Leicester are a provincial club at best.

The 30 year curse has ended