Liverpool will be beaten like a burukenge, bet wisely

Today is Unai’s birthday!

Liverpool will be beaten, 3-2 with arsenal taking it, place your bet on GG, on over 2.5 and over 3.5 you will have a good amount of returns.[ATTACH=full]205850[/ATTACH]


Unai sio Arsene Wenger but HBD to him. He should start Leno pale GK. Defence asiweke Mustafi. I am more worried about the middle field… Naskia Iwobi is starting. Jesus is Lord.

Karauri is that you?

To be honest if Arsenal manage to mark Salah and Mane, Firminho will be isolated thats what we did when Man city visited Anfield and that’s what Napoli did when they beat Liverpool. The key is to isolate the front three

This will be a classic game, Liverpool is nothing without those three, if even one of them is out arsenal takes this.

mark the thread well

I bet my right nut… Liverpool X2

You will lose terribly