Liverpool wanamaliswo

Fulham are leading na wanakimbiza liverfools kama baskeli ya kuibwo.

I love this game Oh my God!!

Hull 45 minutes 2 pley

Wakamuliwe kabisa, this Liverpool team imechoka haraka sana, they will tumble faster than real and Barcelona combined. They gave everything to reach the peak again. Credit to them, however there is nothing in the belly to carry them after. Injuries, age and now lack of form.

Stop jinxing it though. 45 minutes against Mane and Salah is a hell of a long time.

Diogo Jota ndio huokolea hii team ikishikana kabisa na hayuko

Jinxed. Mambuzi zimekomboa

you are on a roll this weekend.
next support Arsenal.

Team iko numero deux iko out of form?

Not forgetting the Injuries.

This whole EPL is messed up. In fact even in Europe. Teams can’t win 5 consecutive matches. Its not the quality is high in the league, everyone is playing badly. Its close at the top, 3 wins in a row you are in top 4. 3 loses in a row you are in the second page of the log.

Congested fixture…big teams zinacheza after every 3 days.

That what makes it interesting to watch till the last fixture the brand is promoted as “competitive” and don’t fail the audience in terms of consistency and storylines that’s what makes it the best league in the world.

Really?with our best players coming back from injuries?