Liverpool inauwa nyoka


Ok Liverpool my second favourite team after the other useless team is taking out the plastic champions man city . Unbeaten is only reserved for a certain team .

Liverpool 2 man city 1

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa

hii yako inaitwa useless rant…Hapa ata GG hakuna


The ox . Chambo . Kijana wetu fastest man in England . 40 million pounds player .


Hapa tuko sawa …meffi ya Wenger Saitan…1k down

Wasito shikeni wrink



Sane got other ideas.

Ikikosa you’re likely to be labeled a troll or shill.


We will never walk alone :D:D:D:D

Leo si watch ball ingine…

Goal number 4 Allah akhbar .:D:D:D:D

mancity wanapeana easy goals…pia ni kurudisha mkonk

:D:D:D:D:D:D When it rains it pours, hawa wamekua too much!!

Napenda sana! Watu wa combo bets za GG + Ov 4.5 goals Muhindi awalipe sasa

There is and will remain to be only one INVISIBLE team The Arsenal…better lack next time…thanks to Liverpool and respect to Manshitty for threatening the record

Now go and sleep, that’s a useless record you are yapping about.

In every game of sport no matter how good you are some luck is required and that is a record Arsenal is proud of…for the past decade Arsenal is been useless and playing mediocre football but you can never deny them their glory years…Si ata wewe unakujanga hapa kuringa venye kunguru ilikupa slices na it’s history


As supporters of Chelsea, we fully endorse this loss and pray that more will follow for Manshitty, Manchieth and Arsenal!