Liverpool and Manchester United don't sell players to each other.

Since Phil Chisnall moved from Utd to Liverpool in 1964, not a single player has transferred between these two clubs.
They’d rather die than sell a player to a rival team…
Liverpool 3-0 Manchester united

Man utd to win…hapana tambua VAR - Very Annoying Referees

Except Michael Owen, who from Liverpool, went to Real then Newcastle went to Manchester United.

Direct transfer my fren hakuna

Very correct, not only direct transfer, even indirect transfer, is extremely rare. Except Owen (recent past)

Umama ndio wako nayo . kwanza manure hawana heshma walitunyanganya Vanpersie na Sanchez at their prime .

Sanchez was daylight robbery.
Ni kama dame kukula fare.
How many goals did the cunt score for United despite being the highest paid player in the squad?
Hapo mligonga Man Utd mbaya.

Let the dillusional MANUre fans keep hoping they will get a point. Last time, they played a shitty game but we almost killed them. THEY CANT WIN THEY WONT WIN. Their tactics against big teams are now known and so to defend is easier.

Paul Ince

Sijaona thread uncle.
You can say it here…

Huyo ni msee wa 90’s

He played with Micheal Owen

I think that you may be right. Anyone else who has played for both teams?

I support QPR.