Liverfool currently at 2-0. Arsenal,,, we gonna do this!

Glory glory Arsenalii… Gloryy gloryy Arsenalii. Gloryyy gloryyy Arsenaliii.

And the reds go marching. On! On! On!

After generous donation ya 1050 from senior elder. Nimebudget 1050/150 = 10 shots SJ. Leo nikufeast mpaka che.

Klopp arudi meinz. Punda imechoka. Beat Spurs in UCL final. Won epl in covid 19. Irrelevant

Gunners tuko mbele. We gona do this


You bottled it during the Aston Villa game.
Hii okombe imewatoka.

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Mzee ghasia when are kicking out huyo kipara ghasia. Onana chieth amfuate.

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He is one lucky motherferker as he keeps hanging in there.
Today he was double lucky coz we won and Newcastle lost, so we are back to number six.


Newcastle and Chelsea will overtake Man-U. Yaani Man-U could only draw with Burnley at Old Trafford :joy::joy:… Burnley are second from last on the table. Onana must be regretting why he left Inter Milan who are doing so well