Liver cirrhosis

About a decade ago I was classmates with a guy named Evans. He was actually my deskmate for an entire term. Easy-going guy. He was later suspended or expelled of he transferred – I can’t quite remember.

I ran across the guy in 2016. I was then doing some internship or something. He seemed fine. He was in town with a group of chics.

Last year I met the guy in town. I was shocked. He had drastically changed. There were black patches on his face. Black teeth. And he reeked of alcohol. I met him several times after that, and everytime he kept hustling me for money.

Juzi I ran across him tena. He introduced me to a certain lady who he claimed was his wife. Afterwards I had a long chat with him. I was contemplating ways to assist him sober up. That’s when I noticed his eyes. They were a dark brown.

Today is when I realized the guy is probably dealing with liver failure. Which I suppose is chronic.

About a decade ago the dude was my classmate. My deskmate. Saa hii the guy loiters about with chokoraas in chang’aa dens. It’s sad.


Alcohol related liver cirrhosis is more common than we imagine…we are about to lose a lot of young kenyans to this menace, thanks to fake Gilbeys.
Good thing with alcohol related cirrhosis is that one can always notice it early and get treatment…mtu akikufa from alcohol related liver cirrhosis huyo ni hopeless alcoholic who is better off dead anyway…shida ni ile ya fatty liver, like the one that snatched away my sister inlaw…she was perfectly fine until the last 3 weeks, save for some fatigue and disorientation which her GP blamed on workload…thus no serious diagnosis and treatment was sought for over a year.


A decade ago you were in highschool? And yet Kuna wengine walipata A- in 1994, still in the same forum, mwingine alifanya fasihi na set book ya kisima Cha giningi in 1996.


We lost a mwanakijiji in the xenfore kijiji who used to give us regular updates on his ailment, si mambo na hopeless alcoholic, substance addiction isn’t to be joked about


Say my name subbie!


If you care so much for your pal, look for his family and plan an intervention. Only way to help him now. or let him die mos mos

Ata 80 nitakua apa nikipitia kusafisha mesho.

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Yeah I was wondering where @Agwambo went. Last time alikua usip tali.


Ati intervention? His family is well aware of his situation.

According to him, his parents passed away. Another time he mentioned his parents work in the market. Sijui which version is the truth.

From the look of things, the guy is too far gone. At 9:00 am in the morning you’d find him sitting at a jaba base, chewing on leaves and reeking of alcohol.

What do you expect me to do? I know some medication that treats alcoholism but what if the guy has liver issues and the drugs worsen his state?

Let’s say I get charitable and pay for his rehab. What next then? Who’s to say he’ll remain sober? What if he relapses? I’d have lost a substantial sum of money for nothing.

Ata that rehab will only succeed if he accepts to change and go. Kama mnamskuma, he will go there to mark register and back to alcohol the week he leaves.

There’s no drug that can treat alcoholism and it is one of the most difficult addictions to beat. Frankly of all the serious alcoholics I know, zero quit the addiction.

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You can’t help someone who isn’t ready to help themselves first. Hii kimbelembele ndiyo huumiza watu. You will regret it with 100% certainty.

@Agwambo Bado uko Osip-Tali? Hii mwaka ulishakubali kufanya Ile stuff I guess😁

I can’t help him. I can only assist those who’d do the same for me.

You can’t change an alcoholic unless they realize they are alcoholics

Another stupid comment. You think a guy with scars all over his face doesn’t realize he’s an alcoholic? Stick to your usual threads dealing with prostitutes.


Liver cirrhosis causes one to have yellow eyes and skin if you are light skinned…something close to Marge Simpson.

So ulimpima ukapata ako na liver cirrhosis ama?

inaitwa jaundice. you have yellow eyes, yellow skin.

does he want to change?

Hapana. Nyanya yako ndiye alimpima