LiveLeak & Other Gore Websites Zilipunguza Makali Unlike Yesteryears

The internet has become tame nowadays. Years ago sites such as liveleak and rotten dot com had pretty scary sh!t. These days they pixilate images and blur things.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Ambulance caught up in Turkish Crash. Siku ya Kufa lazima Uende.

Ogrish was fire

Mpaka ukuwe mtu roho ngumu to enjoy content ya hizo sites. I watched a video of the Mexican cartel torturing a rival sijawai rudi huko tena. To think kuna wasee kazi yao ni ku-moderate such content.

kulikuwa hio ilikuwa ngori na gory !
Humans in various steps of decomposition , crime scenes, rapes, suicides, cartel revenge ,arson etc

Huko niliona vitu nikakuwa mgonjwa. People are really heartless.
Msee anachukua power saw anakataa kichwa ya mtu ako alive katikati ni kama anakata mbao. So sick.
Wengine huko kwa waarabu walichukua msee wakamhandcuff miguu na mikono alafu wanamtupa ndani ya Aquarium kubwa alafu wanamcheki akidrown to death. Sick mofos.
Wengine huko Belize wanachinja mtu akiwa alive. Wanaanza na kumchinja tumbo mara zote nje. Sick people everywhere.

I remember seeing on bestgore,a girl, more than 17 years, being handcuffed,then a sharp pointed pole being forced into to her mouth

Then she was berbecued kama kuku.
She was screaming while her abductors were laughing

There is nothing new under the sun. Ruthless murders happen daily.

What makes the difference is whether they were recorded or not.

Most of these sites are no more. The bestgore admin sold his domain. Liveleak is gone. Death Addicts requires a yearly subscription. Kaotic is the last of the OGs standing and nowadays they are very tame. The crackdown on gore content started in the mid 2010s with the reddit sub “watchpeopledie”. Nobody cared about it until someone posted a video of Swedish tourists getting butchered by Muslim or was it Mexican thugs, and you know white women are at the top of the politically correct food chain so there was a lot of backlash. There were even some articles about it but I can’t be bothered to find them now. That incident sort of brought gore sites to the mainstream and got the attention of whoever it is that polices the internet.

The New Zealand mosque shooting video was the proverbial last straw. The reddit sub was shut down days after the video got uploaded and soon all the other sites they borrowed gore content from followed suit. Siku hizi sociopaths have to be content with accident videos from China and the occasional off duty Brazilian cop shooting. The days of watching narcos and jihadis carve each other up like shawarma seem to be gone forever.

:D:D:D, did you just call us sociopaths? I used to find myself watching those extreme videos, deep down I knew that they were really fucked up but I just couldn’t get myself to stop bana! Nowadays the furthest I can go is watching Ukranian drones dropping grenades and rockets on Russian soldiers and their tanks!

Man, those were the days… Its like an age, just like a limewire na utorrent, and its gone. wewe si mzito wa internet kama hujawai ingia any of these sites

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. - William Shakespeare

  • Shakespeare is suggesting that the memory of goodness fades from the world far sooner than do the effects of evil.

Might as well be evil and your memory and legacy will live on much longer elders … trust me Shakespeare had this shit (life) figured out wadau. Good counts for fuck all…

Government censorship is responsible. Internet is very tame nowadays. You Google and everything takes you to YouTube.

Niliona dem akichinjwa mexico na kichwa inashikwa like trophy. I thought niko na roho ngumu but some of those stuff are hard. Another one walingoa heart ya msee akiwa alive. Some sick fellas

Nakumbuka niliingianga www.deathaddict ( the link had been posted here juu someone was looking for the Westgate gory images)
A certain video caught me off guard juu I clicked the link, as the site was loading nikaenda bathroom. Kurudi tu hivi the first thing I saw on the screen freaked me out. I unplugged the fucking computer Kwa wall socket. Hio usiku sikulala kabisa

Personally, I don’t think anything should be censored so that people can know what’s going on and demand for action to be taken.

I think some shit should be shown in the news. Like for example when the world sees what cartels are doing, the Mexican government will get too embarassed and at least do something.

Censoring is enabling.

For the sociopaths go here : Daily Media, Humor, Shocking, News Videos



Truuueeee…most of these things are put out by media in undertones which masks the truth ni kama vile bandits kill people huko and the way it’s put out by media nikama a normal occurence…but on the other hand si humans watazoea tu ana after sometimes gory images and deaths becomes a normal thing and what happens then…wacha tu wasioneshe:D

Right. And most red rooms are nowadays run by scammers.